Thursday, October 22


Silly glasses are pretty funny for a picture or even funnier when worn upside down!!! My kids at the movies with their friends...a fun Saturday family outing!

Saturday, October 17

Church Fall Fest and Family Campout
Here are my little chicks, holding little chicks at the Fall Fest petting zoo.  Fall has officially arrived!

Friday, October 16

Pumpkin Patch
The weekend festivities started out with setting up the pumpkins patch.  Here are my Pumpkins picking their pumpkins.  We unloaded a truck filled with 100's of pumpkins and set up the patch for the festival.  The weather was perfectly cold for us!  Perfect for the event.  We had hot chocolate too.

Thursday, October 15

55 degrees and raining!  It was quite an fun experience.  Daddy set up our nice roomy tent and bought the kids "mummy" style sleeping bags.  The kids hung out at the fall fest all day and then the Principal at the children's school read a bedtime story and they watched a movie on a 50 ft movie screen out on the baseball field.  The whole family spent all weekend up at the church/school and had a lot of fun.  This event preceded a week long flu experience for our family and 4 other families that camped with us......Is there a connection??

Wednesday, October 14

Flu 2009
I love my family! I wonder what kind of a person I would be without them. They are sanctifying me each day. My three children are all sick right now with the flu! Every mom worries when her children are sick, but a part of me feels blessed for the opportunity to really serve them and show them how much I truly love them. Our daily activities have been put on hold and we are just focusing on each other. I chart their medicine and temperatures. Give them extra baths, wash everything that they are going to put into their mouths, and just snuggle them trying to make the pain go away. They are sleepy and whiny and so so sweet! They are little and they need their mommy!

Monday, October 12

Little Kittens
They sleep like little kittens with their legs and arms intertwined, keeping each other warm.  There is something magic about a hide-a-bed.  It is such a treat to sleep together on the pull out couch!  Happiness should always be this easy!

Secret Hiding Places
I think that everyone loves hiding places!  Madison and Savannah created a secret hiding place in the airplane using one of their blankets during our summer vacation to the Bahamas. How creative they are!

Saturday, October 10