Saturday, January 24


(Jeremy's prized Elk that he shot bow hunting in New Mexico....September 2014)
(Nicholas and Daddy hunting at the lease)
Nicholas loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him. Nicholas loves hunting, as it is one of Daddy's favorite things to do. He's gone to the hunting lease with Jer for years and just last year, Nicholas shot his first buck!!
(Nicholas with his prized Buck shot December, 27 2013 after it was proudly adorns his bedroom wall now)

What an amazing day that was for Nicholas. He glowed with confidence as Daddy would tell his friends about "Nick's buck".  He actually has a scar on his nose from his shotgun kicking back when he shot it...what a treasured memory, he will talk about for years to come. I never thought that I would be delighted in any sort of injury to one of my dear little ones, but it serves as a memory of such a special father/son bonding time, where Nicholas soaks up lessons about being a man and a father, simply by hanging around with his Daddy.
(Daddy and Nicholas in their Troops of St. George Uniforms)

Nicholas is watching Jeremy so very closely.....even when there are no words exchanged, Nicholas is learning. These silent examples of a strong and faithful Christian man will resonate with Nicholas for a lifetime. They are lessons that only a father can pass down to his son. Jeremy is reflecting the Perfect Love of Christ with every action. Nicholas' heart is being formed so that he will one day pass on all that he has learned, to the world.
(Nicholas and Daddy serving Holy Mass at the Troops of St. George Camp out)

Our Lord has a special mission for Nicholas that only Nicholas can fulfill. Jeremy and I need to form Nicholas to be open to Christ's Holy Will for him. We pray fervently for each of our children to grow closer and closer to Christ as they mature. We offered each of our children up to Christ, even before they were born. We pray, more than anything else, that our little ones will remain close to Jesus throughout their entire lives. No matter what their successes or failings in their precious futures, we fervently ask our Lord to keep them holy, above all else, placing Jesus Christ first and foremost in their lives....filling up their delicate hearts with their Heavenly Father, until the end of their journey back to Him. 
(Troop 5 (TSG) with our faithful pastor, Msgr Hart.  TSG is such an amazing Catholic apostolate, where fathers (through prayer and the Sacraments) form their sons into strong and virtuous men...that is who should be forming these precious young many little souls are being formed by the world, and in turn being lost to the world)

Jeremy, Thank you for guiding our entire family and especially Nicholas towards Christ.  You are an amazing father and through this special Christian formation of our sons, you will be changing the world for the better.

Oh Sweet and Merciful Jesus, hold my children close to Your Most Sacred Heart and may they never turn away from You, Who is Everlasting Perfect Love.  Hold Jeremy and I close to You as we journey forth.....running towards You as fast as we can with the hands of our children held tight in ours.
I love You, Jesus. 

Thursday, January 15


Today, I found this picture of my me and my Daddy.  Not sure how old I am....I think that I am in the 6th grade (about 11 years old).  My dad and I had a "Secret Pal Club"  We would go out to lunch on a regular basis to a "secret" place (Pizza Hut) and do special Daddy/Daughter things together.  One day after a special Secret Pal Club lunch, we took pictures together in a photo booth.  It was such a great day!!
I love you Daddy

Friday, January 9


 (look at those cute baby toes)
Each night during Isaac's bath time, he crosses his feet as he carefully analyses each tub toy.
Our Lord blessed me with the inspiration the other day to look at how Isaac's little feet and ankles fit perfectly together.  His position, almost heart like, is the way that he was positioned in my tummy for 9 months.
Our blessed Creator IS amazing, isn't He

This awesome realization, made my heart flutter with joy as a longing for my little Isaac to be all mine again started to creep in....I miss him being inside of me, where he and I bonded in the most intimate way.  He will never be ALL MINE again in such a powerful way as in those nine months.  Then, as I began to grow sad, my wonderful Jesus comforted me by gently whispering a Thought into my fragile human heart.
This most holy thought, was that I was SO blessed to have even been chosen to "grow" Isaac in my tummy and to have been chosen to become his mommy. That in itself was such a miracle and now, just as the intimate feeling of those nine months with Isaac move further and further into the distance of my memory,  Our Lord gives me an unexpected present...a reminder, as I watch my little Isaac positioning himself, as if he were back inside of me.
I love bath time!!

Thank you Lord, Jesus, for that feeling of "Awe" that I have for you, every time I see you working in me and around me!! Thank you for allowing me to safely carry and nurture Isaac inside of me and for blessing our family with him.  For You knew exactly what You were doing.....You always do!  For that, I surrender everything to you, Lord.  Do with me as you please.  For I know that You are bettering me, as You chip away at my rough edges.  Lord, Jesus, I beg of You to please love me now, just as I am, but love me too much to leave me this way.  I want to grow in holiness until I am Your true delight, as You, Jesus, are truly mine.