Sunday, May 31


What can I say about these wonderful ladies..
Their "fiat" to God's Call, dedicating their lives to bringing souls to Him, has been and is still, changing the world!
And I am blessed to have had these beautiful ladies, not only in my life, but playing a powerful role in my life, now for more than 10 years
Charlene (top row right-center, with the navy sweater on) has been my spiritual director for longer than I can remember! She has, with upmost prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit, seen me through a variety of different seasons in my life.
She has helped mold me into a better wife, mother, and child of God.  I don't know what I would do without her.

I have been so blessed to have been able to work closely with a lot of the Consecrated ladies in different apostolates at my church and in my community. My children have also had the privilege of having these special souls in their lives as well, from when they were just little, my kids noticed and were always awed by their true cheerfulness and delight for life.
"They are always so happy", my children would continuously affirm
Even Jeremy has taken this super fun group of ladies tubing at the Granbury lakehouse!  What entertaining stories have come from those boat trips.....ones that we continue to tell again and again! All and all, they have greatly touched each member of our family

We as a family love to be around them as we can clearly see Christ's beautiful image reflecting in each of their hearts, as they have spent so much time with us, they have truly watched our family grow up.

The ladies so graciously hosted our family along with our wonderful friends, the Boatners, for a beautiful and faith-filled evening.

Some of the ladies were meeting Isaac for the first time tonight.  When we walked in, Charlene exclaimed with tears in her eyes..."Isaac is a miniature, Kerry!"  Oh my goodness, how that so greatly touched me....I cannot even describe how my humbled heart literally fluttered at her kind words!  What a privilege to have someone actually see ME in the face of my little Isaac!

We were so humbled to come together for prayer in their blessed home Chapel, where they are able to have a gorgeous Tabernacle Containing our Most Precious Jesus, present in the Most Holy Eucharist.
(Mary holding my little baby Isaac and showing him the Most Blessed Tabernacle)

We then sang songs of praise and together prayed the Most Holy Rosary as a family...beginning and ending in song.....these ladies sounded like a choir of sweet angels when they sang these adoring hymns
Their home is Adorned with beautiful Images of our Lord that make it such a place of true peace, as we are reminded of His Constant Presence all around us

After the Rosary, we were treated to a delicious meal and pleasant visiting paired with great stories that led to LOTS of laughter!
 Dr.. Boatner (Chuck) introduced Isaac to his very first hot dog......he loved it!!
 We could have sat at that table for hours just talking about EVERYTHING!  The kitchen was alive with joyful fellowship

   They have this huge beautifully wooded backyard, which embodied this extremely peaceful serenity 

Our lovely hostesses had set up games for all of us to play, and the kids played until their tired feet finally gave out. 

 Our friend Chuck graced us with his powerful Bagpipes and everyone was dancing and running around.  It was so much fun!
He is really talented at the bagpipes, I must say

This is everyone dancing to the joyful music (Tammy even knew how to Irish dance beautifully)

As the sky grew dark and the little ones were beginning to wear out, Jesus had yet another beautiful surprise for us....
I cannot wait to meet my Sweet Jesus someday and ask Him about fireflies!  They are so incredibly fascinating to me

These illuminating little creatures light up the night sky, flying ALL around this beautiful property.  The kids eyes grew big, just delighting in the magic of these amazing "electric" bugs.  They would giggle as they caught them in their hands....trying to catch as many as they could
No, my sweet little ones....We cannot take them home with us....they were created (as all things are) to wander freely displaying their brilliance and exulting our Awesome Lord with their dazzling twinkles

We ended the evening with joyful and prayerful songs of praise.
We and our children all agree that these blessed Consecrated ladies are some of the most joyful people we know.  They have very little in the way of material things that matter to those of the world, but with the absence of these material "things", there is room for the most important Gift, Who's Grace Showers the entire universe, and Who will never fall short of our heart's desire, as all EARTHLY things always tend to do.....These immaculate souls are filled with nothing more than Jesus...Who is Everything!
Jesus is all that we need to be truly and eternally happy
Some will seek Him for a lifetime, not even realizing that it is He that they are desiring.  He created us to return to him.  This desire for Christ was carefully laced by Him throughout our entire being.

Thank you ladies, for this wonderful and blessed evening
Thank you ALL for always leading me closer to Christ (especially Charlene, my spiritual know everything about me, and still choose to so graciously love me)  Thank you for praying for me when I am sick, for crying with me when I am hurting and for rejoicing with me as Our lord continues to see me through this life.

I truly see Him radiating from within each of you.
I am so grateful to have you all in my life
I love you

Thank you, Jesus for Your blessed Consecrated, who, through them You are feeding Your lambs (us) on this earth, who are just so thirsty for You

Saturday, May 30




Target makes me so happy!  Everyone that works at Target seems so kind and happy!
Everyone that is shopping at Target seems so kind and happy!

And the fact that I get to saunter slowly through this clean and  beautiful store, sipping on a Starbucks Triple Vente White Mocha, buying everything from dog food to floppy beach hats, while snacking on an open bag of pretzels (that I WILL buy when I check out) is complete relaxation.....
Well, as relaxing as running errands can get, BUT Target makes running errands a lot less painful and much more pleasant than most places that I shop.

It's those little "blessings" that Jesus sprinkles me with daily that just put a smile on my face

Today Isaac got to meet "Spot" the Target Dog
 He thought that he was a "real" dog at first
 When "Spot" didn't move, I am not sure what Isaac thought, but he still wanted to pet him
Then...Isaac was officially DONE meeting "Spot" and wanted down!

After shopping at Target.....
"Devivo Bros. Eatery"

Isaac got to draw on the table clothe (paper) and loved it. He was laughing so hard at everything which made all of us laugh right along with him

 Our 4 Sweet Children
Today was a great day!

Thursday, May 28


What to do on day #3 of summer

 Savannah with her Double Chocolate-Chip Frappuccino
(no whip)
Madison with her $3.00 Starbucks Banana
(Really Madi.....We literally have  a "bunch" of FREE bananas at home)

Then.....During the first sunny afternoon in weeks,  we ran some errands, played with baby Isaac and went swimming

Nothing better than ending the day with a Sacrament

Oops....Got to church at 4:30pm
(Confession starts at 6:00pm)
I knew that Confession started at 6:00pm, but for some reason, all day I kept telling the kids that we had to be to church by 4:30pm.  They of course obediently followed my lead without question
 (I kept saying 4:30pm, but I really meant 5:30pm)
We were an 1 1/2 HOURS EARLY....WITH A 14 MONTH OLD BABY!!
(Feeding Isaac Goldfish, while counting down the minutes until 6:00pm)

You know what, Isaac ended up doing just fine and that special time in the quietness of the darkened Sanctuary with no one else around was tranquil and truly beautiful! This Confession was JUST as Jesus had planned it for us.  

My God, You are So Inconceivably Marvelous and Perfect!
(I know....That description is quite a reach with the combination of adjectives, but there are truly no words that have been invented yet,  that could ever even come close to describing Him! And I am pretty sure that there never will be either)

So, needless to say we were the FIRST people (repenters) in line!
Gotta love Fr. Dennis.....A truly amazing Confession paired with some "most inspiring" Spiritual Direction

The kids were not even bothered by my mistake
(They are so good to me)

Here are some PRE-CONFESSION Pics of Nicholas and Savannah

I really tried to get some POST-CONFESSION pics of the kids, but after they received this most purifying of Sacraments, they were so luminous and radiant, that their images on my iPhone only showed up as this amazingly beautiful incandescent glow

What a truly WONDERFUL day it was!

Thank you, Father for Your Special Surprise Gift to our family Today

Wednesday, May 27


Nicholas lost a tooth last night and another one this morning....that is following him losing a tooth just a few days ago.  3 in all!!

Look at the big hole that it left in his mouth
Looks like Nick will be on a soup diet for a while!!  No teeth in the back to chew meat with!

As I am thinking about the words that I just typed, reality tells me that teeth or no teeth, Nicholas will somehow manage to eat Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, no matter what his situation is!


Tuesday, May 26



It is 1:25pm....first day of summer and Nicholas and Savannah have already managed to get into an argument!!

I heard them fussing at each other and called them both to come and see me......

(the official script)

(me) "Are you kidding that you are already fighting!" (I said, in a sarcastic and less than patient voice)

(Savannah) "No, mom.....We are fine."  

(Nicholas)  "We were just playing!"

(me) "It didn't sound like playing at all!" "We are NOT starting out summer like this...." "I am going to make it worth your while, NOT to argue."  "So now, you each get to write an apology letter to each other....FULL PAGE!"

Both walked away silently and headed to the kitchen to write their letters.  Nicholas came in about 10 minutes later and told me that he wrote his letter and tried his best to make it a full page, but he just couldn't think of anything else to say

(Nick) "Mom, I really wrote all that I could and I just cannot fill the entire page, what should I do?"
.....I thought for a mintute...looked at his letter (his letter was very sweet and complete) so I told him...

(me)  "Well, I guess that you are going to have to keep copying your letter over and over again until it reaches the bottom of the page" (creative homeschool mom trick)

He did just that.....then I had both Nick and Savannah come in and read their letters to each other.  
It was actually a very sweet moment.  As each of them read their words (in their voice) to the other, their faces softened and I realized that, this little punishment paid out 10-fold in blessings

  I just want them to remember how sweet their true feelings are compared to what they show each other sometimes
 Savannah reading her letter to Nicholas
Savannah's Letter to Nicholas
Dear Nick,
I am very sorry for acting this way.  How I was acting wasn't worth hurting our friendship.  I would never try to be mean to you, but sometimes I lose my temper and do something stupid to make you stop what you are doing.  Even though I was just trying to stop you from what you were doing, it wasn't right.  Just because we have different opinions on things, doesn't meant we should act this way.  I am 12, almost 13 and I should know better than to act that way.  Our way of having fun, isn't the best way.  I think running in your room is fun and you think the same about mine, but when we do it to each other, we get mad, but what we don't realize that neither of us likes it when it is done to us, that is why I am making a special effort to treat others the way that I want to be treated.  At night, before bed, we pray for patience, but God isn't going to just give it to us, He makes obstacles so that you can use that patience.  When I feel bad about something, I don't say it in a nice way.  I yell and tell you to stop which isn't right. I will try to be more calm when it comes to things like this.  I never want to hurt your feelings and hope that you will forgive me.  I was being foolish in my words and actions and will make it my first priority to stop.  I love you!!!!!!
I hope that you don't think that I don't hang out with you a lot.  Sometimes I feel that I need alone time but realize that not playing with you can ruin our friendship.  Like today we were fighting because we couldn't decide what to play and being the older one, I should have given in and played what you wanted to play.  Again, I am sorry and really hope you will forgive me because I love you and never want to hurt your feelings.
 Nicholas reading his letter to Savannah
Nicholas' letter to Savannah 
Dear Savannah,
I am very sorry for making you mad by stomping and running into your room.  I did not mean to be mean.  I just wanted to be funny and make you laugh.  All I want is for us to be best friends forever.  I am very sorry for when I am ever mean to you and hurt your feelings
love Nick
(remember that Nick's letter was shorter so I made him copy it over until it filled the page)

This little hiccup during the very first day of summer was really a blessed way to start it off. When Savannah and Nicholas left the room after reading their letters, they were not just sorry and running off to play again (like they do when I just fuss at them for arguing)  There was a difference in their faces, as well as in their demeanor and I could tell that they were truly touched at how much they loved each other.  They discussed what they wanted to play and quickly agreed on something that made them both happy.
What a great way to start our summer. 

My initial feeling of INSANITY....was followed by true peace in my mommy's heart

Checked off of Mom's Todo List
1.  Summer writing 
2. Virtues training in patience and charity
3. True Peace in the house

Thank you, Jesus for working through me to have them connect in this most special and most important way


What is Madison doing on her first day of summer break?

Going Ice Skating with her Bestie!!

Nicholas and I snuck away for a mommy/son lunch date...just the 2 of us.  
Me and Nick


Monday, May 25


My little Ducky fell asleep as I held him on the couch tonight.....I love my Baby Ducky
We were so snuggly


God has blessed us with a full lake this year!  A REALLY FULL lake this year!
Thank you!

A Memorial Day With Friends

Haven't been with these special friends in a long time!
Life gets so busy, but sometimes, you just have to drop everything and grab a last minute opportunity that comes along.
I am always happy when I just stop what I think is SO important and do that!

But, you know how even though it has been awhile, when you get back together with great friends, it is like no time was ever lost.  I love that!

Here are some pics of our Memorial Day Lake Day and even some flashback Lake Day pics from 5 years earlier.....We have made many memories at the lakehouse with this family!  We have been friends for over 10 years!

 Sophia with Isaac 
 The gang eating lunch
(Nicholas, Savannah, Sophia and Joey)
 Madison and Isabella

 Isaac LOVED the boat this time. He would not stop dancing to the music....he was so jovial and funny!

Savannah and Sophia

 Isaac still dancing
Two of my Loves driving the boat......."My Lake boys"

MAY 2015
 Nothing better than some LOUD music and WAVES

Our families have been friends for a long time and a lot of our memories on the lake were made together
I came across these photos (actually, I found a lot of photos) of the kids from lake days in the past.  I posted just a few, as it warmed my heart to see how long we have been friends and how much the kids have grown up.  Even as the kids are older, they still remain the dearest of friends.


Look at these 2 Sweeties 5 years ago.....Madison and Isabella 2010
After eating snow cones....guess what color they were
MAY 2010
 Same 6 kids.....5 Years Earlier
What great memories 
At that point, an adult would ride on the tube with the kids
Even Lori and I were younger and crazier back then.....look at how fun we were!  We would ride the tube OVER AND OVER as the boys tried to knock us into the water.....
Most of the time, they would make a sharp turn with the boat and 
flip us off of our raft!
Lori and I would scream and just laugh so hard!

Felix and Joey after a long day on the boat
(5 years ago)

The boys found a snake outside of the garage....And then the Daddies killed it
It was very exciting!
Even More Excitement

 All of a sudden...the sky grew dark and the storms set in!  There was even a tornado warning!!!  By the way, the scary weather was super excititng for the kids.  We had to evacuate into the basement!
(The kids playing a game in the basement during the Tornado Warning...of course their main excitement was the storm....AND keeping Isaac out of the middle of the game board)

As you would expect with kids, they were sad that the tornado did not hit....Well we can always hope for mass destruction next time

The Beautiful Sky After the Storm
 I am in awe at His Most Intricate and Perfect Artistry 

(This pic makes me laugh so hard)

What a beautiful and blessed Memorial Day!
Thank you Mira's for coming out to celebrate with us