Thursday, January 26


My weekend blessings actually started on Thursday morning, when Jesus invited me to attend my first Mass in over a year. 
(What a beautiful way to be greeted on this beautiful day)

Jesus always works in mysterious ways, continually surprising His daughter by showering her with gift after gift after gift!!  He is the most generous Father when it comes to His children  
And I am such a Daddy's girl

Through a number of extremely odd circumstances, I left the house Thursday morning to take Nicholas to school with street appropriate clothes on (not jammies) and shoes on, instead of my slippers 😀 
Usually, Nicholas helps me load Isaac and Gracie Ann into the car and we drive Nicholas to school. After I drop him off, me and the two little ones head for the Starbucks drive thru to pick up yummy coffees for myself and our nanny, and I always order a slice of banana bread for Isaac. 

It is our daily routine and I love nothing more than sweet little traditions with my kids
(each night when I put Issac down to sleep, we talk about how we will get banana bread the next morning)
 (We love our Starbucks dates......Isaac calls it "Starbuts")
YES!! I have a problem......I don't like to think of it as an "addiction" to my "Quadruple Shot Venti Hot White Mocha, made.....Breve"
I like to think of it as my daily "battery power"

 ANYWAY, that day......
After I picked up our Starbucks, Jesus so gently invited me to Mass, by filling my heart with courage to drive over to the church (I was not sure whether this desire was coming from my heart or from our Lord's Sacred Heart)
I started my drive with trust in my heart, but not knowing whether I would truly go inside or not. I still have not gotten the blessing of my transplant doctors to attend Mass, but a daily Mass is very sparse with people (much safer when it comes to viruses) and not truly being fully prepared, daily Mass is always shorter, so that helped greatly, having Gracie Ann and Isaac to tend with, on my own. 

I parked my car with STILL no promises to myself as to whether we would make it inside (I honestly was so afraid, being by myself without Jeremy) that I honestly didn't think we would go in at that point)  I was starting to panic a little, thinking that I would just drive home.
Like The Gentleman that He is, Jesus so lovingly broke this huge undertaking into smaller and more palatable He whispered into my heart...

"kerry, do not be afraid......just get out of the car"
So I did what He told me to do
not allowing myself to anticipate going inside yet

Jesus then whispered, 
"kerry, unstrap Isaac from his carseat and put Gracie Ann in her kangaroo pouch"
Which is a job in itself, as that pouch is quite complicated, but I did it and I got her to fit into it perfectly..I have always loved "wearing" my babies

"kerry, do you feel Gracie's warmth against your chest....can you hear her gentle breaths?" "Look how cute Isaac looks (in his footie pajamas and cowboy boots) as he steps out of the car babbling something about going inside of the church." 
Isaac did look rather funny, but it was a beautiful humility for me, as I had to offer it up and realize that I was just a struggling new mommy

I stood there looking at the car
Jesus whispered...."Do not be afraid....I am your Father and I love you."
I took Isaac by the hand and closed the car door and just stood there for a second stairing at the Sanctuary doors in the distance, still deciding what to do

"Come into My House and lead your little ones by hand" "I am with you and this is good"
I felt a calm come over me as I couragiouly walked down the long sidewalk towards the doors.
A smile came over my face, as I felt Gracie cuddled against me and Isaac's tiny hand inside of mine.... but little did I know that my pride as a mommy was about to take take a major hit, as Isaac exclaimed....
"Mommy, I am cold"
(it was only 37° that morning and I did not have a coat in the car for him) but I had to put my silly pride aside.   
I took a deep breath, smiled, and said, 
"Baby, let's walk a little faster because it will be much warmer inside of the church."
(luckily, I had a blanket to put over Gracie Ann)

I walked into the church, with Jesus by my side (as He always is, but I forget that sometimes when I feel afraid)
Well......we got to go to Mass! It was awesome. It's been over a year since my last Mass!!

I saw Nicholas as I walked in to the Sanctuary.  He was looking back towards the door, and tears welled up in his baby blue eyes as I walked in. 

I sat there in the very back pew, holding Gracie Ann, with Isaac grasping my hand. I was just taking it all in.....sitting at the feet of my Father. Feeling so safe as I intently listened to the beautiful and inspired words of our Lord, through the I was being filled full with peace and comfort. 
What an enormous blessing bestowed upon me on this very emotional Thursday morning. 

I always imagined my first Mass being celebrated with my entire family, but as perfect as that sounded to me, Jesus always knows better, showering His daughter with this precious gift, in a quiet and most intimate meeting of our hearts. 

My three youngest (Nicholas, Isaac, and Gracie Ann) and I had a most wonderful day as we ended up doing a couple of fun things together....and We even saw friends and had a really fun evening and a favorite treat for dinner

As we were getting ready for bed, Nicholas exclaimed,
"I will never forget today, mom..."

I asked why.....trying to decide what activity he was referring to....
He looked at me and said
"You know, this morning.....seeing you walk into Mass....that was pretty cool, mom"

Now, looking back, I cannot envision it any other way.

What a beautiful homecoming with my sweet Nicholas and my two littlest bundles

Thank You SO MUCH Jesus, for this most Divine gift
Thank You for giving me this gift........
On the day that You had planned it
In the time that You saw fit
In the way that You desired it
There is nothing sweeter....more delightful...more Loving....or more Mighty, than You, Lord
i love you so much,
love, kerry ann

Tuesday, January 24


AND.......Two cute pictures of our sweet little Gracie Ann at the doctor today
This doctor is working miracles in our little angel and just loves her so much.  Jeremy and I just know that he was sent to us from God
💗Thank You my Dear Lord Jesus💗
Gracie Ann at her appointment today wearing one of her precious new outfits
Baby girl clothes are so much fun to pick out!!  She is my little baby doll

It has been almost 2 months since our last update, and many have asked, so I thought I would give you a little information regarding my girls.  Kerry is a new person.  We have now crossed the 100 day mark since God blessed her with new lungs.  During this 100 days, she has gone from being tethered to an oxygen tube 24 hours a day and minimal activity, to walking with a dear friend of hers up to 2 hours per day!  (not slow walking either….  walking miles!)  It is an astounding sight to see.  She has “returned” to full motherhood, her true vocation.  Her light shines on all of us, with her infectious optimism.  Man, we are so blessed.

Our sweet angel, Gracie Ann is following a more challenging path (not that Kerry’s path was not challenging!).  We struggle to control the constant seizures, and to balance them with the prescribed medications.  The medications really effect her by sedating her.  Sometimes, she can go an entire day, sleeping.  She has been labeled with a couple other diagnoses, none of which seem favorable.  She now can be described as having Intractable Epilepsy, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (not to mention Infantile Spasms, Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy, and ITP) - The point… she is still in need of prayer, and we would appreciate your help in this.  Feeding her has become a real challenge for us.  We cannot determine if it is the sedation, or the prophecy of her neurologist who stated at her last visit, “I hope she does not lose the ability to swallow”.  The seizures cause a loss of abilities gained, so rolling over is a thing of the past.  Please don’t take this as loss of hope, as we have Faith in Him.  We actually have a new physician that specializes in traumatic brain injury and he is doing aggressive therapy on her.  We are so hopeful that this will help, and initial indications seem to show some improvement in her movements.  We feel that God put him in our path, and that he is the best chance for success.  Please continue to think of her as you pray each day.

Thank you to my amazing husband (Jeremy)  for loving us so much! I cannot believe that I get to journey with you through this world, as we lead each other and our children back home to Jesus.  
I am an ordinary girl married to an extraordinary boy....I am so blessed
We love our Daddy

Thank you Jesus for our little Gracie Ann and for allowing me to be her mommy.  She just brings us so much joy......we could not imagine life without this sweet little soul.  Thank you for making me a wife and a mother.  Help me to lead my family back home to You.  Protect every word that comes out of my mouth from hurting or negatively affecting anyone.  
Help me to use every breath that You have blessed me with to Honor and to Serve You alone.  I long to be Your delight and  I long to see Your Holy and Beautiful face

Monday, January 23


This picture of my mom and I was taken last week at the first post transplant appointment that Jeremy could not attend with me.

Of course my mom was more than willing to take me, as I had a bronchoscopy scheduled that same afternoon, and could not drive myself home.
I was very thankful to her for offering to take me and I truly enjoyed this special time with her, just simply sitting and visiting about everything!!!!!

But, it was only in the surgery prep area, that I truly saw the absolute providence in her accompanying me that day.

This day of victory was more her's, than it was mine

She is my mom, and I will ALWAYS be her baby no matter what.....she and my daddy got me to this place in my life.  

My mom tirelessly fought the uphill battle of my CF throughout my childhood and into adulthood.
She fervently prayed for me, as she led her little one (me) down Christ's Path in her vocation as a mother (I would not be half of the mommy I am today, if it weren't for her life's example of self-less motherhood.
She anxiously worried as she made tough and scary decisions for me, trying to keep me healthy and safe.

My mom and my daddy were determined to give me the best life that they could, despite my CF, even when it was not easy AND when the world wouldn't have blamed them for giving up.

This lady not only grew me inside of her belly 41 years ago, she and my daddy loved me, took care of me, kept me healthy with all of my special needs, and most importantly.....together, they imparted their strong and beautiful faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to me and to my sister.

They taught Kelley and I to pray without ceasing, to trust without fearing and to love without counting......and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I love you mom....with all of my heart!  
Happy 100th day with new lungs!  
(I am wearing daddy's shirt today....this shirt is part of nearly every childhood memory I have....thank you for letting me keep it)

I wouldn't have this new chance at life if it weren't for you and daddy being PRO-LIFE and for trusting that there was a divine reason for this "special" child that God entrusted to you, to raise against the grain.  If you had not trusted in Him and loved Him with your entire hearts and souls, I would not be here at this victorious appointment today!

Even though daddy cannot really see or understand all of what today means, in the way that we wish that he could.....
I have faith that daddy knows exactly and sees intimately in his heart (as a special gift from our Most Holy and Most beautiful Savior, Jesus) that all you went through together was so worth you would ever doubt that : )

I love you so much
kerry bear

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for my parents, Jim and Diane Courtney....and for them so faithfully following their call to be my mom and dad.  You could NOT have picked a better pair for me.  
I love You and I trust You with everything in me and I would have never known to do that, if You hadn't blessed me with these two amazing parents
kerry ann (Courtney) Lustig

Thursday, January 19


Gracie Ann had a tough week.
She had 3 doctor being an EEG
They were studying how Gracie Ann's eyes connect with her brain.

Physically Gracie Ann has perfect eyes, but the message between her precious little eyes and her fragile developing brain is confused because of her traumatic delivery, as she came into this world.

Isaac road around in a "Shark" umbrella stroller.  So, with that as my only choice for a "lightweight and small" stroller to take to our long appointment at Cook Childrens......we just HAD to purchase a more appropiate stroller for my little sweet baby girl

She did so good with this long day.  We even bought her some new clothes on our way home
Here is one of her new outfits
and yes......those are flowered "skinny jeans".....
Totally adorable I must say!!
See the TEENY TINY pocket for her to carry her cell phone in

Thank You, my Dear Lord Jesus for our little Gracie Ann.
You know how much we all love and adore her.
We want for little Gracie Ann, to be exactly what You have planned for her perfectly.
If her only mission in this world is to love and to be loved, than amen! What a most important, invaluable and holy task.

 Jeremy and I will be completley thrilled and forever grateful to You.
We love You Jesus and we will follow You as man and wife, as mother and father and most importantly as Your children.
Jesus, Jeremy and I promise to choose You without a doubt and without a thought each and every day of our lives, until we breathe in our last breath

Tuesday, January 17



We were blessed with an impromptu girls dinner out last week when my mom took me to my drs appointment.....what started as a long wait at the hospital (which was supposed to end in a quick lunch) turned into a super fun and silly girls dinner...It was totally unexected and awesome!!  I am so glad that we had to wait at the Doctor!
Thank you Jesus

 We laughed the ENTIRE dinner! Nobody understands like your "Fam"

I love you mom and Kell-Bell

Monday, January 16


I haven't been able to come to church in over a year, because I was too sick to be around groups of people (I have been  receiving the Eucharist at the hospital and now at home) but  today, since the church was empty, Jesus invited us to stop by.  
Isaac and I had the most beautifully blessed visit! The Sanctuary was empty, so it was just us and the most Holy Sacrament.  Then this nice man….A man, who has been praying so hard for me, walked by Isaac and I, and as tears of longing and joy rolled down my cheeks, this kind man gently exclaimed....."welcome home."
Dear Jesus,
You already know the complete gratefulness written all over my heart for the blessing of this special visit!  You know just how to please Your little girl (me)  I have missed Your Holy House and my soul is floating on a cloud as I think about what You did for me today. 
I love You with all of my heart for now and for always
kerry ann


First Mom/Isaac Date with New Lungs

First trip to the car wash
Isaac was amazed that our car could "drive itself" through the washing part
 It was all VERY exciting

Then some Marshalls shopping
Just because we can....What a true joy
  (found under armor jacket just like Nicholas....Yay!)

What a fun date
Dear Jesus,
Thank You for this special time that I can spend with Isaac.  So many special opportunities for Isaac and I to hang out before now, were not yet in Your Most Perfect Plan, so I stand in gratitude of Your amazing Goodness.  I love You with all of my heart
kerry ann

Sunday, January 8


That store is PACKED with stuff!

It was surly a great day indeed.  Look at my kids and at my nieces (Jeremy's brother's girls)....they look just alike!  Those Lustig genes are strong and delightfully beautiful!

Sunday, January 1


Bringing in 2017 surrounded by so much joy and filled with absolute gratitude to our wonderful and mighty Lord!!
What a great night!! 
We had not made any plans because of course I am so afraid of getting sick and wondering if I should make plans or just keep it a quiet evening with the family......I had quite the argument with myself....I am such a wimp and I need to trust in my Jesus and have courage.
then......NOT by chance, BUT through JESUS and His True and Loving Goodness......
We had our great and long time friends over (the Mira family) to ring in the New Year!
And just because He can and because He desired it to be one of the best New Year celebrations ever.....our neighbors, Shane and Jen Clark blessed us with a visit as well!
Midnight came and went with party poppers, Champagne, sparkling cider and noise-makers.....only to be followed up with an extra long visit until almost 2:00am!!
Totally Exceptional Joyfullness 
(I know.....I made up that word)
(Me and My Love, Jeremy)
Our first kiss of the New Year.....Praise You Father for this opportunity

After our goodbyes....I looked at Jeremy and said, almost in disbelief....
"We kind of just had a real party!!!"
He smiled and we just hugged, as we basked in the new life that  this New Year's Celebration meant for our family!

Thank you Jesus for Willing me to still be here with my family for an exciting 2017
You continue to shower me with blessings and I promise to use these blessings to honor and serve You each and every day and for always!
I love you Jesus
kerry ann