Saturday, February 26


My sister and I share the same birthday and we had the CUTEST ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion at our parent's house with all of the kids and grandkids!
 I have never seen a cake so cute, with real scoops of ice cream on the top
The inside was chocolate cake and cookies and cream ice cream!  Yummy!!  We missed getting a pic with my sis and sad!!  Love you Sis! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, February 25


Madison is such a cut up!! She loves to dress up funny and make everyone laugh!  She used to be so shy and now she is such our social butterfly.  She has a wonderful wit!  Here she is at Grandma and Grandpa's house entertaining her siblings and cousins!

Thursday, February 24


Nicholas' class is studying dinosaurs at St. Elizabeth and I got to come to school to help the kids make paper mache' dinosaur eggs using small balloons.
 Here is Nicholas' dinosaur book where he put all of his new knowledge
 Cover the balloons with newspaper dipped in flour and water
Cover the entire balloon so that there are no holes once the balloon is popped
 Look at all of these dino eggs!!!
Some of our future priests playing dinosaurs (What sweet little boys)
 Look at the beautiful sacramentals in Nicholas' classroom.  A loving reminder of our Lord's presence and great love for us! (I love our Catholic School)
Mrs. Walsh and the children reading a dinosaur book at circle time...I cannot believe that my baby boy is in kindergarten!

Tuesday, February 22


We have been so blessed to be close to our most holy Bishop Kevin Vann.  He is the Bishop over the Ft. Worth diocese.  He came for dinner last night and we wanted to post some pics of our dinner party prep.  The guest list included, Bishop Vann, our great friend Fr. Isaac (we've blogged about him before), My mom and dad, and our family.
 We decided to eat in the kitchen this time so make for a more "warm" feeling, but still used our fancy dinnerware....It is my first time using my fine china...I just FINALLY got some china about a month ago..after almost 14 years of marriage!!
Max, laying on the floor, gearing up for the important arrival
 Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas had a special table for the party with fancy dishes.  They loved their milk served in wine glasses
His Excellency, Bishop Kevin Vann with our kids.  He is so kind and gentle.  He is such an orthodox, spiritual leader.  Such a good man to lead our Lord's sheep!!

Friday, February 18


We had a great time on Friday at the PSA family Potluck/Bingo.  This is one of my last events on the PSA executive board (that is our school PTA).  I have never blogged an event before and thought that I should document some of my last year.  It will be sad to be finished.  I love these girls...The "Blue Shirts"!!
Here is one of the desserts celebrating the evening! It really was very laid back and fun for all of the families.
 Lizzy and Carey setting up for the event
 Alice helping serve food at the potluck (Nick's little friends from school...Jake and Roddy)
Me, Lizzy and Elizabeth working in the kitchen....we had so much fun making GALLONS of lemonade and decorating....we have such a great school full of great families!  We are so blessed!
Some of the PSA board taking a break to eat with their families before we start Bingo
Some of the board members: Carey, Darlene,  little Nick, Me, Elizabeth, and Therese.  All of the work is so much fun!!  We just cannot stop laughing!! We are like sorority sisters!  Even our hubbies and kids love to be together.  These are some great girls!!  Next year, we all get to just rest and show up to the events!!

Wednesday, February 16


Our friends Ron and Angela joined us for a fun evening of an amazing buffet and basketball game! (Jeremy always says that I only go to the games for the yummy buffet...he's kinda's amazing) : )
We got to sit courtside...what a fun night!! WE GOT ON TV!!!
This picture of us was taken by Ft. Worth's legendary William Bass (Of Bass Hall and the Bass Building....the  Bass Family)  Jeremy thought that it would be clever to get him to take OUR picture.   They are a wonderful family and he is the nicest man ever!!

Monday, February 14


Here is our little Valentine, Savannah at her class party at St. Elizabeths.  Just wanted to share this pic of my cute little cherub!!

Saturday, February 12


My little Madison, who is now 11 year old went on her first "weekend away" on a Catholic girl's retreat with Challenge Club!!!  It was in Midlothian TX at  Camp Hoblitzelle.  I cannot believe that I actually let her go...she is such a big girl!  What a beautiful weekend with Jesus!
The theme for the weekend was "PEACE LOVE & JESUS" perfect for 5th grade girls!
 It was a 2 hour drive from Keller.  Lori and I and the girls piled in the car together for the long drive and mommy moral support.  Most of the girls attending had never been away from home for 2 nights before (look at Madison's cute luggage)
 Registration table
Our sweet Regnum Christi Co-Workers (girls that devote a year to our Lord after graduating high school, through working with the youth in Challenge Club)  We couldn't do it without you!
Madison and some of her friends with our most holy Consecrated, Florencia
 The girls with their high school Challenge team leader, Madison.  She comes each week to our meetings and works with the girls!  What a wonderful sacrifice she is making for our daughters!
 In the cabin, setting up our beds
Making look a little more like home
Time for a little fun....and maybe mischief....what are the girls lining up for?
 Jumping on the beds!!  Don't tell anyone!
Isabella's turn to jump!
Go Natalie!!
 The 7th grade St. Elizabeth Challenge girls posing for a picture
Madison's bed
Me and I really leaving her????
 Madison and Ava being crazy girls!!  What fun!
 Jumping ahead to Sunday!! Coming to meet Madison for Mass to end the wonderful weekend retreat!  It was so great to see my girl.  Jeremy and I really missed her at home.
 Madison (and the other girls that chose to) received a special blessing and ring from our most holy Fr. Frank at the Sunday retreat Mass.  The girls devoted themselves to Christ in a special way.  They received daily prayer commitments and special Christian formation that will help them grow closer to Jesus.  My little girl is coming into her own, especially in her faith.   Praise you Father for our Madison and for the wonderful formation that she is receiving that is guiding her towards You, Jesus!  I love you!
All the girls and the Consecrated from the Challenge weekend retreat!  What a joyful Sunday!


We are so proud of our Nicholas!  He had his test for Yellow Belt at TKO karate on Saturday morning.  He passed with flying colors! The family went to watch our little karate man and celebrated with donuts after.  It was such a great morning!
Right before going inside for the test!
 Here is the display of all of the belt colors.  We are working our way up one test at a time.....but nobody better ever hit my baby!!  Mama bear will storm the arena!!!
 All of the boys waiting to begin
Nicholas is called to the front to turn in his Karate testing sheet for Master Sutton to fill we go to start the test!
 Testing the kicks first
Now the punches
Now, the instructor pretends that he is a stranger and grabs Nick.  Nick has to escape using the techniques that he has learned.  This is such valuable training in today's world.
Nicholas and Master Sutton after the belt the donut shop we go for a celebration!