Thursday, June 28

Wednesday, June 27


Here is Nicholas and his GREAT friend Joey.  This was just taken after going to a movie with all of our school friends (we do this weekly summer movie package every year)  They are just such sweet friends and always look forward to getting together to play.  I just loved this pic of them together with Joey's new haircut.
Aren't they just adorable
Future priests???.....Well, whatever they become, I know that they will be our Lord's delight

Friday, June 22


What is more girly than getting all dressed up and going to the mall with my girls for some lunch and shopping!
Lori and I took our daughters shopping today at the Dallas Galleria Mall.....such a beautiful mall (daddy's were with the boys)!  All of the fancy stores and a La Madeleine for lunch!!!!  My favorite and so girly!
I used to go to the mall EVERY Saturday with my friends when I was Madison's age.  One mom would drive my friends and I to the mall in the morning and another mom would pick us all up at the end of the day.  We would stay there for hours!!  Then sometimes we would walk across the parking lot and catch a movie to finish up the day.  
Well, times are different now and I could not imagine dropping Madison who is 12 1/2 (the same age I was) off at the mall all day with other girls her age.  I would be a worried mess!! SO, instead, Lori and I took our girls to the mall.  We had a lot of fun! We realized by the end of it though, that we were too old to be at the mall ALL DAY!! We were SO TIRED!!  I shot a few pics of the girls that I wanted to post.....they are getting so big!
 Here is Savannah modeling in the H&M Department store window.  Look at her eyes....She was trying was trying to look off into the distance like a mannequin
 Here is Madison giving her artistic interpretation of a mannequin in that same window
(Savannah, Sophia, Madison, Isabella)
Here are all 4 girls wearing these glasses that had mustaches attached to them.......this mustache thing has REALLY taken off
The girls just giggled and had so much fun all day.  I cannot believe how old they are now

Wednesday, June 20


My friends and I enjoyed a Girls Night out to a movie to see "Rock of Ages" and then dinner at Cheese Cake Factory!  It was so much fun.  The movie was crazy funny and shocking in parts.....but, there is nothing like laughing, singing and screaming with your girlfriends!!
 Here is a pic of myself in my 80's dress for the "Girls Night at the Movies"
Here are Lori and I on our way out the door....Dressed in our 80's-ware!  I wish that we could have known each other in the 80's with our big hair and stone washed Guess jeans!
Actually a lot of us dressed in 80's attire for the event (it's kinda hard to tell though, because 80's trends are coming back full force)......Here are all us girls after the movie.....What a fun night!

I really just love my girlfriends!! They are truly a gift from my Lord.  They totally lift me up spiritually and make me laugh when I am down.....and they HAVE seen me down!!  Each of them TRULY adore our Lord and I am so blessed to have them.  I know that my soul is safe under their advice and we are a true and holy support for each other! PLUS.....they are SO MUCH FUN!!
Thank you Lord, for my girlfriends!

Sunday, June 17


I love my wonderful husband......the love of my life.  He is amazing!!!
 (For Father's Day, we had Daddy's signed jerseys framed for our exercise room  He actually had the Emmit Smith jersey signed 10 YEARS AGO....that is how long it took me to get it framed!)

But, I kinda feel like my Father's day cards each year say the same thing.  Well, the actual card is different but my personal note is very much repetitive.  It is hard because, I really feel the things that I am saying to him and each year, I still feel those same feelings but I wish that I could express that those feeling are even stronger than the year before!!
I love Jeremy with all of my heart.  He is perfect for me!! He is a great and caring a wonderful and loving father!  He is also a strong spiritual head for our family! I adore him and trust him with everything!!  Today I feel these feelings with all of my heart! BUT next year I will feel them even stronger!!!  Every day that goes by, my love for him grows.  I know that that sounds cliche' but it is really true......and I LOVE that it is true!  Thank you Jesus for my Jeremy!!!

We are always out of town for Father's day weekend.  We have an orthodontic alumni family weekend that we have been attending for the last 12 years.  It started out always in San Antonio either at La Cantera, or the Hyatt Hill Country Resort, but for the last several years it has been at the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop, near Austin.  We LOVE that resort.  No matter which place we have gone to, each year, on our way home (on Father's Day) traveling north on 35....we leave the resort early to make it to Waco for 11:00am Mass at St. Josephs and then head over to Jeremy FAVORITE restaurant from College...."Buzzard Billy's"  We took this picture of him and the kids in front of the restaurant.  
It was still a great day!!
We love our Daddy!  When we made it home late that afternoon, we spent the rest of the day changing light bulbs throughout the entire house......what a job that was!!
Happy Father's Day to our Dad!!

Now that I have duly honored my amazing husband and soul mate....I wanted to just wish MY daddy a happy father's day as well.
(This is a picture of my Daddy praying over me....he does this EVERY time we say goodbye to each other...I NEVER want to forget how great that feels)

As I have expressed before, I just adore my daddy.  I could not imagine my life without him and his humble and wonderful Christian heart!  His  guidance in life is SO VERY IMPORTANT to his little girl (me).

Thank you, Father,  for my Daddy!

Friday, June 8


Madison group Christian Performing Arts Center group, called "Remix" filmed a video that is being broadcast on Daystar Kids Christian Channel!!  They are playing it between the children's programs on Saturday mornings.  She is one of the backup singers/dancers.  The main singers are the kid's class leaders at CPAC.  All of the kids attend CPAC with them (what a great group).

 You can see Madison in a few closeup moments but the video is fast moving.......when the singers are looking over the balcony in the gym, Madison is on the far right of the screen (2nd from the end/3 rows back).  She is wearing a blue/plaid hat (looks plain blue from the balcony), black shirt and blue/plaid skirt and black leggings (with piggy tails in her hair)!

When the lead singer starts to rap mid way throw the song, they shoot a close up on Madi for a second or two!! Then right after the rap part, the song changes up for the "breakdown" they shoot a close up of Madison again!! See if you can spot her!  Once you do, you just cannot miss her after may have to watch a few times.  Click the little arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen to make the video bigger........All 3 kids are involved in CPAC. It is a great group and best of all......It is all in honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ!


I just love my little Savannah!  The other day we were at the store and she calls for my attention with HUGELY excited eyes...."Mom, I JUST remembered that I know how to do this!!"
Then she proceeds to shuffle her feet and move across the floor.  I was just laughing.  She is so cute!!  I videoed her shuffling her feet today so that you could see what she remembered that she could do....
She is so precious and just brings me so much joy!!  Savannah, I LOVE being your mommy!!
Madison is a champion "Moon Walker".  She uses this skill whenever possible! She is so funny and just always makes us laugh.....Madison, you make being your mom awesome!!


You always read a lot on my blog about Madison's Challenge Catholic Girls Club.  Well, when you are in 4th grade (Challenge starts in 5th grade) you get to join Pearls Club, which is Challenge club on a smaller scale.  Savannah will be in Pearls this coming year with ME as the team mom!! Yeah!  I finally get to lead something for Savannah!  
She had a Pearls Day camp this week. What a fun week filled with games, activities and of course, all with Christ at the center (they went to Mass every day!!)   Today they did a "Pure" (modesty) fashion show for the parents.  Savannah walked up on stage and dramatically threw her hat out to the audience.
She has such a great and unique style and such a joyful and funny personality!
I just love the happiness that she bring everyone she encounters!
You can barely hear the announcer telling about Savannah because everyone was yelling for her!

Thursday, June 7


Here are a couple of pics of Savannah and her friend Abby using their chop sticks at Pei Wei
 Can you spot the chop sticks in this pic?!?!

They are so good with chop sticks now that they could totally move to Asia!!

Monday, June 4


Nicholas went to Boy Scout day camp this week.  The theme was Dinosaurs!!  He was so excited to go......but when the first day of camp came, he approached me with tear-filled baby blue eyes, and did not want to be away from Mommy for such a long day. Of course my heart MELTED!!  I just love him and I want him to always want to be with Mommy!  As a good Mommy, though, I encouraged him to go.  He had so much fun!  Here is a pic from his first day.  I just love this little precious boy!
Look at this sweet face

Saturday, June 2


Madison and I went on a mother-Daughter retreat through our church this past weekend.  What a special and wonderful time we had.......just being silly girls!  It is such an important time together, especially since she is getting big so fast!
(Here are Madi-bear and I at the retreat)

We talked, laughed, interviewed each other, laughed some more, did projects, laughed some more, and just spent time together.  What a joyful weekend it was!  We even got to attend, Mass, Confession, and Adoration together.  What a special time we had!
(Here is the book that we used to interview each other called "Just Mom and Me" was so funny! (Here is part of our silly interview where Madison is discussing something that I had to eat when I was little that I did NOT like)
We could NOT stop laughing......laughing rocks!!
We took a pic of ourselves in the hotel room before bed....we stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching "Cool Pools" on HGTV and giggling until after midnight
I just love my little girl!