Sunday, June 19


(our "Fathers Day breakfast in bed" tradition)

Dear Jeremy (On Fathers Day)
As I write this letter to you about being an amazing dad to our kids, I also must reflect on you as a husband as well.  There is nothing more romantic or attractive to this girl, than a holy man.  On November 6th, 1993, at the age of 18, I met the most holy young man and fell head over heals in love….I just know that Jesus must have been thinking about me when He made you!  What a precious gift you are to me!
(Isaac giving daddy his Father's day card)

Jeremy, you are both a holy husband AND a holy father to our five little ones, leading our family towards our Lord. You have literally been the arms and legs of Christ for all six of us….tirelessly keeping our family afloat through this time of sickness and suffering. Your vocation as a father has been stretched way beyond the normal parameters.  You have both tasted and embraced what the phrase “in sickness and in health” really means.  You have held fast to the commitment that we made to each other on our wedding day and at the same time to the commitment that we made to put Christ first in everything.  Your love for our Lord has overflowed onto our children as you lead them (me too) safely through life’s day to day challenges.  Our children are so blessed to have such a strong father, who loves them so much…and I am so blessed to be the girl that you gave your heart to and the girl with whom to journey through this life with….our journey home to our Lord.
 (Daddy reads all of the special cards from the kids....They even made him a Father's Day video)
 What a blessing our sufferings have been to remind us constantly that God is our strength.   Jeremy, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring (nobody does) but you and I know especially how “unsure” our life can be.  Though, there is one “for sure” thing that I have been blessed with…….it is the knowledge that no matter what comes our way, I will never be left alone.  I will always have you there holding me tight and keeping our family safe.
(Gracie Ann stayed awake for about 5 minutes of the Father's day celebration, then she snuggled up to her daddy for a mid morning is a GOOD day)

You are my hero
You are my champion
You made me a wife
You made me a mommy

I love you so much

Happy Fathers Day Jeremy

Love, kerry ann

Dear Jesus, Thank you for Jeremy.....please continue to keep him close to You.  He loves You so much and wants nothing more than to please You through his earthly vocation of husband and father.
I love You, my dear Lord Jesus