Friday, August 14

A birthday surprise for Gaily!

Happy 50th birthday to my beautiful friend, Gail Killian! God has greatly blessed me with one of the most generous, thoughtful, kind hearted girls, that I am so super grateful to call my friend. 

Gail has made me a better person, by being such a wonderful and true example of friendship, charity, patience, and fortitude.  She is the friend and the Catholic mother that I strive to be.  I am just so thankful to get to be around her.  Thank You to my Lord Jesus for this precious girl. 

She is so fun to be around and I love her lots!

....and she so loved by SO many

WE still have so many more memories to make...and I can't wait for our next one

Please don't get me started on our snuggle pics

We had so much fun surprising Gail tonight! She is
 always so much fun and so gracious

Jesus, You never cease to amaze me. thank you for blessing me with Gail and with some beautiful friends that we share....because of her, so kindly welcoming me to our new school.

Happy Birthday to Gail

Tuesday, August 11


Jesus came and took my daddy Home to Heaven, this morning. 

Our Merciful Lord so greatly blessed our family, in allowing my mom, my sister and myself, to be kneeling at his bedside, holding his hands, and praying The Divine Mercy with him, as he took his very last breath. 

Our daddy talked about his love for Jesus and how someday he/we would meet Our Savior in Heaven....he talked about Jesus each and every day, throughout our entire lives. 

We now praise our Lord for giving our daddy this gift of Eternal life....and we long for the day to see him again in Heaven. 

Our hearts cry out in sadness because we miss him SO MUCH, but we celebrate his Heavenly glory and his infinite happiness with God. 

“All Glory Be to The Father and to The Son and to The Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end”


We love You SO MUCH Jesus