Saturday, November 24


This video makes me laugh!  The cousins love each other so much and always have so much fun.  Nicholas, especially gets me giggling with this video

Thursday, November 22


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.....I love Thanksgiving!  It is always such a warm and cozy holiday full of family time and hearty food (turkey dinner is my absolute favorite meal!!)

We went to my Parent's house, with Nana for Thanksgiving dinner.  We have spent the last several Thanksgivings with Nana and Papa (even before they officially moved here).  This would be our first holiday since Papa went to be with Jesus.  This would be Nana's first Thanksgiving without him in over 70 years!  What a legacy of love that is....
My sister, Uncle Chris and their kids (my nieces) Kerry and Courtney were there for dinner, along with Auntie Deonn, as well.
 4 of the 5 grandchildren watching Grandpa (my Daddy) carve the turkey
 I stood close to take pictures AND to grab some samples, of course....
 My mom is quite the never leave her house hungry!!  Here she is draining the potatoes before they are mashed!

Let's back up for a moment to.....

The evening before, Daddy pulls down our "huge" tree and we all help put it together and fluff all of the branches...while listening to Christmas Carols, really loud!! (lot's of singing and dancing around)
Then we assembled it and put on the most important element.....the Christmas Star!!
 Isn't it tall.....and glorious!!!
Here is my Love right after he put the Christmas Star on the tippy top!!  We had to keep adjusting it to make certain that it was perfectly straight!!
(isn't Jeremy SUPER handsome....I am the luckiest girl in the world!!)
The kids even put on Max's Jingle Bell Collar

Now fast forward to Thanksgiving morning

Before all of the festivities at my parent's house.  We have started our own tradition for the morning of Thanksgiving.  We wake up and put on the TV to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, while we decorate the house for Christmas (my most favorite season)

As we adorn our house with beautiful Christmas decor, we are singing and dancing around with the people in the parade (I bake during this time the house smells of ginger cookies and pumpkin pie)
As we watch the different floats pass by on the TV screen and listen to the commentators report all that is going on, we all wait with baited breath for the last float of the parade.....Santa's sleigh!! He ends the Thanksgiving Day parade and officially marks the beginning of the Christmas season!!

"Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" 
(Mark 1:3)


Wednesday, November 21


Little Banana's are super cute!!
The kids discovered them at the market today and just BEGGED me to buy some for them!!

I love how our Lord makes little things so joyful to us.  Everything is cuter when it is miniature!

Tuesday, November 20


Our long time friends, Tammy and Franco, were blessed with a beautiful baby girl this past week.  WE were blessed when they so graciously invited us up to the hospital and enjoy this precious gift with them.  I loved holding that sweet baby!  I was very careful not to get too close, as her immunity is so new, but I did smell her just a few times!  I wanted to sink my lips into her sweet and soft cheeks.....but I didn't.  What a gift children are to us.  I cannot believe that my youngest "baby" is 8 years old!!!  
I am kinda jealous....but in the most holy way possible  : )

I know that only 3 children was God's Will for our family, as we are, and always have been open to life at all times, so I need to embrace His Holy Will and focus on the mission that He has bestowed upon Jeremy and I with our 3 beautiful kids
(I just always figured that we would have a houseful of children!!)
Miss Brooklyn Elizabeth Deras
I always forget how little they actually are when they arrive!!!
How can anyone doubt God when they see such a powerful miracle as a newborn life!

Lord, Help me always to remember the important things and to always be thankful for the gifts that you have given me

Monday, November 19

Sunday, November 18


Madison has always wanted to learn to sew. She is very creative and always very determined and really focused when she has a task on her heart.  That is one of the many special gifts Jesus blessed her with.  Our Grammy is GREAT at sewing.  She makes amazing things for the kids (and for others) all of the time! She and Madison have taken on new sewing projects by "learning as they go" which is always the best way to really learn something.  It's also really fun that way too......they have shared many special moments during these endeavors together!  This visit, Grammy and Madison were determined to learn how to make fleece pajama pants.  Madison did great!! 
 She worked for 2 days on these special pajama pants for herself and also pajama pants for Nicholas and Savannah.....she is a great sister!!
We all went to the store and picked out our fabric.  She made Nicholas' pajama pants first.  He chose "scary" wolf fleece...Yikes! They looked great!!!  Good job Madi!!
Savannah chose "smiling piggies" fleece (super cute) and Madison chose these beautiful butterflies on her yellow fleece pajama pants.  They all looked so cute and were totally warm and cozy!
They are so creative and great!!!  I love their fashion "free-ness"....anything matches!!!

Thank you Grammy for giving Madison such a special gift of your time and talent!

Thank you, God for fleece pajama pants....they are so warm and snuggly! (it sounds silly, but we are truly thankful for fleece pajama is the little things that bring so much joy. We try to take nothing for granted)

Monday, November 12


Fall is in full swing but with all of the craziness in our lives recently, I have barely noticed it in it's entirety.  I have noticed the beautiful red and orange trees and have in all honesty, taken time to appreciate their wonder, (it's my favorite thing about fall) but anything more than that, has not fit into my schedule lately.

My mother in law "Our Grammy" is staying with us this week and she was sitting on our back patio drinking her tea.  She is recovering from being sick so sitting still was a Doctor's order, otherwise, she is always busy with something (she is such a hard worker....always helping others)  She brought to my attention how when the trees are shedding their leaves, they fall like a gentle snow and that in the quietness of this fall morning,  that crisp noise of the brittle leaf braking from it's branch makes the most pleasant sound, like music in the cool breeze.
Then she said something that inspired me even more.....She said that as she was sitting outside just listening, she apologized to our Lord that she had never noticed it before.
I love my mother in law.  She is such a wonderful Christian wife, mother, Grammy, and servant for His Kingdom

Wow, I want that to be my prayer in this moment......

My Dear Jesus, I am so sorry for all that I am missing, all around me, that totally glorifies Your Greatness!  You are EVERYWHERE.  You are EVERYTHING.  In Your own precious words....You proclaimed Your almighty, when you said in Exodus 3:14 "I am who am".

How can a small child like myself even wrap her head around that.  I just think about it and my heart beats faster for You.  You are my strong and powerful Creator, You are my Father and the Father of all, You are my Savior and the Savior of the entire universe!  You are my wonderful and delightful Jesus!
 You have the Most Beautiful and Holy Face

Saturday, November 10

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Gala

It was our annual Church Gala.  It is always such an amazing evening with great friends and a lot of laughs!!  This year was no different!  We had such a wonderful time.  We even brought a cake for Lori's birthday with sparkler was a night to remember
 We always have the best table!!  Here are all of the girls
(Michele, Angela, Me, Lori, and LeAnn)
Me and Ang.....She took this pic of us with her BIG professional camera....I guess those self pics were meant more for a camera phone (I am so big!)

I love being with my girlfriends.....and my sweet love, Jeremy!!
I always feel like a princess at the Gala.  We all get dressed up fancy and eat fancy food at a fancy hotel

Thank you, Lord for great and holy friends, with whom we were given this wonderful opportunity to celebrate an event that honors You and serves your precious children....our Catholic Schools
We praise You for our Faith