Monday, May 30


We had our school's field day on Memorial Day this year.  We had to go to school that day to make up for the snow days that we had in February (blogged about it if you look back)
 Why is giving your friend the "Bunny Ears" so funny?  Both girls are doing it and laughing so hard that they could barely have their picture taken.  We used to do that in school, but none of my kids know what it means....doesn't it mean.  What does it mean?  How could it go on for so long without a known meaning?
 3 legged race.  Nicholas thinks that it should be called the 4 legged race because now there are 4 feet working instead of just 2!
 The kids loved getting wet "accidentally" during the sponge pass game.  It was very hot that day.  our Lord blessed us with clouds for most of the morning, though.  But the sun soon peeked it's light through and heated up the event pretty fast! 
Savannah doing playing the "egg toss" opposite her friend, Avery.  We used confetti eggs for an easier clean up (I have experienced scraping eggs off of the cement before!!)
All in all....Field day was so much fun!

Friday, May 27

TEACHER'S PARTY (Last day of school)

PSA hosted a party for our wonderful St. Elizabeth Ann Seton school teachers and staff the evening after the last day of school.  It was my last event as Vice President of the PSA and our last event before homeschooling next year...very bitter sweet.  I love our Catholic school!!
Me and the girls!  They are so was an amazing and fun year!! (Nicole, Therese, Lizzy, me, Debbie, and Carey)
Had to post this pic too....look at Carey and I "Rocking" the pouty look!!  We are not too shy to pout!!


Here are a few pics from Nicholas' last day of kindergarten
Nick with his friends before the graduation ceremony saying goodbye to Kindergarten
My baby boy is in 1st grade now!!!

Sunday, May 22


This picture looks like maybe the flash reacted to the light or that something was wrong with the picture, but this is really what this rainbow looked like in the sky.  
It was a double rainbow and there was brighter light that stopped at the rainbow and behind it were dark skies.  What a beautiful gift after a spring storm.  God is amazing!

Wednesday, May 18


A few St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School moms got together today after school, planning for our upcoming Family Field Day.  Since it was after school, we had all of our kids with us.  They started with jumping on the trampoline, followed up by an intense water gun fight ON the trampoline!  Then, somehow everyone ended up in the swimming pool!!  STILL dressed in their "full dress" school uniforms!!  I brought home 3 soaking wet kids with HUGE smiles on their faces.  What a memory was a great afternoon! 
Thank you, Julie for hosting this unexpected pool party!
(By the way, Madison's friend, John taught her how to do a back flip off of the diving her clothes!! )

Monday, May 16


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA (my mom) AND PAPA (Jer's grandpa)!!!!!!!!
We went out for a double birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Roanoke! Babe's Chicken  YUMMY!!!
 Double birthday cake!! I know, I know, I should be on that reality series, "Cake Boss".  Please email me if you want me to make a custom cake for your event : )
After eating a TON of yummy fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, creamed corn, and salad.....

 We dance the "Hokey Pokey"
 Still Dancing!!
 Still Dancing!!!
What a blessing it is to have our grandparents near us!  The time we spend with them is priceless.  Thank you, Dear Lord for our extended families.  None of these precious little ones would be possible without our parents and grandparents.  Their love made today happen!  Thank you to our parents and grandparents, for your commitment to our family and to each other....but most importantly for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for giving us, your children, the gift of strong faith. Not simply teaching us about Him, but truly how to LIVE in Him and follow His holy Will!  It is He who gave us life and who completes us.  He is all that matters and through Him all things are possible!  To please Him, we strive to bring others to Him through our love and example.  We are so thankful for our faith!

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12

Saturday, May 7


"The bread that I will give is My Flesh for the life of the world, and if you eat of this Bread you shall live forever and I will raise you up on the last day"

My baby girl, Savannah made her First Holy Communion this past weekend.  What a wonderful reason to celebrate!  She is such a little angel.

  Savannah wore MY First Holy Communion dress and veil.  The veil was the same veil that MY MOM wore when she made her First Holy Communion
 This is ME!! April 24, 1983
She overshadows the beautiful flowers surrounding her with her angelic beauty.

 My heart is spilling over with joy for her today!  I love you, Bug!
 Daddy took pictures of her standing on the back steps behind the house
 Getting lined up to process into the church
 I snuck this pic in as she entered the sanctuary.  She kept her hands folded the entire time.  So pleasing to our Lord to have a little one show so much love for Him
 Hands still folded (front row, second in girl in from the right). Look at all of these sweet little souls!!  "Let the children come to me"
 Savannah with our most wonderful and holy priest, Father Hart
 Our family with Father Hart
 Savannah and one of her dear friends, Joey
 Savannah and her Godfather, uncle Chris
 After the Communion Mass, we had a pool party to celebrate!!  Here is Grandma Courtney (my mom) Nana and Papa visiting on the patio
 All of the cousins playing a game in the pool
 hanging out on this beautiful and blessed day!! Jeremy "My love", my sister (Kelley), Jason (Jeremy's Brother), and Chris (my sister's hubby)
 The kids love when I take their picture in the air, so here are a few action swim shots!
 Madison and Lindsey
 Nicholas, Courtney, and Savannah
 Nicholas and Elizabeth
 Sweet little Liz
 Grandpa Courtney (my daddy) sleeping
Papa (Jeremy's grandpa) sleeping
It was such a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 3


My little sweet Nicholas painted a flowerpot for me at school for Mother's Day (He was smiling from ear to ear!!).  Inside the pot were flowers to plant for Mother's Day.  
A teary little boy came into the kitchen as I was cleaning up from dinner.....he had dropped the flowerpot (it was in a brown lunch bag) and it had broken.  It was devastating for his little heart.  I felt a sword pierce through my soul!  I took my little man and held him tight.  We opened the bag together and sure enough, it was broken.

We stopped cleaning up dinner immediately and went outside to plant the fragile little flowers in our courtyard, right in front of the statue of Our Lady (a perfect mother).  Our Lord loves these little children!  Their innocence pleases Him so much!  He has blessed our little ones with a heart that can be mended easily with the love of their mommy and daddy.  Nicholas and I had such a great time planting the flowers.  Such a short amount of time just made his whole day!! Here are some pictures of our Mother's Day garden. 
 Here is my little sweetheart!
 We planted the flowers and surrounded the fragile little plant with pretty colored rocks
 Look at those precious little "dirty" feet next to his little plant.  What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day! Such special time with my son!
By the way...before I put my little lamb down to sleep tonight, I scrubbed his little feet clean in a warm bath..  Thank you Father, for my children.