Saturday, October 28


I will never forget this day....from the fear to the trust to the joy.....
The dreaded call at 7:28am Friday Oct. 27th

 "Daddy, Savannah and I had an accident"
"Are you and Savannah okay!?!?!"
"Yes Dad....Luke saw the accident happen and he stopped right away to help me."  "Savannah is very upset and hit her head on the door (as her side of the car was hit), but Luke is talking to the other driver so that I can comfort Savannah"
"I'm Coming!"
My Dearest and Most Precious Jesus,
As any good Father would, You scooped up my two little girls into Your Mighty Arms, just in the nick of time to keep them safe!!
You are Perfect and Loving and Comforting and All Holy and Immaculate and Most Honorable!!
I praise You and I am forever grateful to You for keeping my children (and the other driver) safe from harm....and I praise You for sending angels, in the form of our school friends, who saw the accident, seeing Madison’s jeep on the side of the road....and without a second thought, so lovingly stopped to render aide and comfort to both her and Savannah!!!
I praise You for our amazing Christ centered school (as always), who when hearing the news of the accident, their loving principal drove over from the school to make sure that my girls were okay.  
Mrs Mehaffey has continued to inspire us with her true virtue and devotion to her vocation.
(You are always watchful Lord Jesus.....keeping Your Children safe)
And.....just becuase You can, You interwove so many blessings into this situation, making this tragity into an event of true virtue, friendship, bonding, and joy.
Only You can do this, as every bit of happiness and Good that is in this world is You, my Father! You lovingly find ways to bless every path that Your faithful little children are walking on.

Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ....King of endless Glory
kerry ann

All of the kids who stopped to help my girls were given permission to go out to grab chick-fil-a together before going to school, so that they could cheer up the girls after a scary morning commute.
It is NOT about being is about realizing God's Divine Face in every facit of our lives.
(Claire Ferguson was so generous to take this picture of the group, so her beautiful face is missing from this image.....She is a beautiful soul)

The breaking of the bread together, as we bond as faithful followers, is a most important aspect of the beautiful Body of Christ.....It is extremely scriptual as we read passage after passage, after passage, emphasizing the true revelence of this act.

"Then the two told what had happened on the way, and how Jesus was recognized through the breaking of the bread"
Luke 24:35

Madison took video of all her friends that were there, but as i tried to freeze the video to capture the sweet faces of the kids, I could not get even close to clear pictures of all of them......but please know to all of these sweet and thoughtful students.....that I am so grateful to YOU...
 for being Jesus
to my girls today
This breakfast together with their friends was more than "just chicken", it was spiritually bonding for all.  I have been pleading with Jesus to heal this bond, that has been compromised by the world....and HE,  as always, answers all prayers, but continually surprises His children with how He chooses to do so..
(The kind police officer who helped at the scene of the accident was at Chick fil a too!)

What happened today, was another reminder of the Beautiful Body of Christ
With this thought.....
As my Jesus reminds me of the powerful community of believers (The Body Of Christ), who are a most important part of our personal spiritual journey towards Heaven

To my Wonderful Friends, Family, and other followers of Christ,  who I may have not even been given the blessed opportunity to meet face to face.......

You adopted my children while I was sick. You were a mother to my children, when I could not be.....
You took my children in, as your own...whether it be through interacting with them, checking in with them just to see how they were feeling, helping them get from place to place, feeding them (sending meals), and praying fervently for my sweet babies and for our family, from a distance.
"Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The Prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective."
James 5:16

You are all so dear to my heart and before all of you, I stand in total gratitude for your love and kindness and fervent prayer

All of you faithful souls that my Beautiful Jesus blessed us with, are the only reason that Gracie Ann and I made it through!

A most humble thank you again for...stepping up (without even a thought) to help and comfort my little ones in their tragidy this morning and even before, when I was sick and in the trenches, unable to step up, myself

Both Jeremy and I are more grateful than you will ever know
kerry ann

The Body of Christ and the Communion of Saints is unbelievably incredible and to see it work in such an intimate way in my small and unimportant life is truly a Most Copious Gift to me
Thank you Jesus
I love You with all of my heart and my soul
I pray for Your perfect Will to be done in my life and I promise to follow You all the days of my life  until I breathe my very last breath

Monday, October 23


For the past 2 years I was unable to take my little ones to the pumpkin patch, so this year I was bound and determined to not only make it happen, but to also make it an event to remember

This is a true story by the Lustig Family
Below is the ending picture, but how did we get to this peaceful and happy place....
Here we are ALL HAPPY and smiling.....but this picture was not an easy task to accomplish


It started at the house with Isaac sobbing and NOT wanting to put on his Halloween costume
Then, again crying when he FELL getting into the car...Thankfully Savannah was able to calm him down...
And ALL are happy
 We finally made it to the Pumpkin Patch without TOO much frustration, getting everyone out of the car as Jeremy had to finish up a business call
And ALL are happy
 Isaac was MAJORLY looking forward to the bounce house, as that was his ONLY reason for him agreeing to go! this particular pumpkin patch, the bounce house is ONLY open on the weekends 
(this was a Monday) 
Well, obviously THAT was NOT going to be okay, as the first words out of Isaac's mouth were "Where's the bounce house", so mommy ignored the sign and innocently stuffed Isaac into the bounce house ANYWAY....for at least a few fun jumps
Hey a moms gotta do that sometimes!
And ALL are happy
 There is even a basketball court for the older kids and Jeremy to play on...what a fun time as a family....It is just how I imagined it, as I had dreamt of this evening all month long
And ALL are happy

 Isaac falls......uncontrolable sobbing and flailing of his body
 Daddy calms him down and they are able to smile for this quick picture
And ALL are happy
 My family continues to play warmed my heart so much....I had tears in my eyes, remembering missing out on all of this for so long
(Madison teared up as well  remembering picking out pumpkins last year, while I was in the hospital)
 Even Isaac is playing and laughing as I am praising Jesus for this special moment with our entire family being together
 I grab Isaac for some mommy/Isaac "Selfies" and even got a kiss from this joyful boy
 Isaac went back to play basketball with the others as I stole some special moments with Gracie Ann 
And ALL are happy

 Isaac gets hit with the basketball and bursts into tears...yet again
 He cannot be calmed down by anyone...he ONLY wants mommy
 I hold Isaac close and finally calm his sweet little soul until he smiles
And ALL are happy AGAIN
 More family basketball, with me standing on the side, cringing at the thought of Isaac falling down or being hit with the ball again
And ALL are STILL happy


 Isaac finds a white too heavy for him to carry and drops it...He then only wanted corn
He starts crying because he is NOT allowed to pick up anymore pumpkins....only the baby pumpkin that he found first
 He was thankfully NOT crying TOO hard this time, and was miraculously calmed easily by Nicholas
And ALL are happy AGAIN
 Everyone found a pumpkin that they liked and everyone was smiling and filled with joy
I love how Jesus does that......He blesses these little hearts to forget a hardship and only remember the fun
 So here we are.......ALL HAPPY
 Gracie Ann was snuggled up right when we got home, as it was cold outside by the end of our pumpkin patch visit
She looked just like a kitty
All of the kids went to sleep and ALL are happy!

My Dearest Jesus,
I stand in total gratitude for blessing me with all of these wonderful mommy moments, that I could only dream of the past couple of years....thank you for fall, for beautiful leaves, beautiful pumpkins, and for cool evenings made perfect for pumpkin patches

Please help me to be a patient and perfect mommy for these 5 precious souls that you entrusted to me.  I promise to follow You and do everything that I can to lead my little ones home to You each and everyday of my life....from now until forever
I love you with all of my heart
kerry ann

Friday, October 20



1.  On our way to WACO for the Faustina Football game. big deal but I finally got to wear my "steel-toed suede camo boots" that I got in LA, which is actually a HUGE deal!  Yay Boots!
2.  Savannah and Madison supporting 2 of their FAVORITE Faustina Falcon players
3.  Still cheering on the boys until the last Whistle blows
4.  Isaac sleeping after a long trip home from WACO
5.  Saturday morning bright eyes
6.  Our little tube-fed angel.....Gracie Ann ate an ENTIRE packet of baby food by mouth!  
 Praise you Jesus!!!!!
Just one more cute picture of Gracie Ann and her amazingly crazy curlybedhead!
What a funfilled weekend with my precious family
Thank you my Dear Lord Jesus for this weekend and  for so many others that You have blessed me with.
I love You with all of my me to love You even more.
kerry ann

Tuesday, October 17


(My Breath-day event last night... exactly one year after receiving my new lungs and new life)

Food gathers friends together....Food and fellowship go hand and hand

Jeremy and I have prayed so fervently for have some sort of venue to give praise and honor to God for my new life and to thank all of those faith-filled souls who prayed for Gracie Ann and myself.. 
We not only wanted to thank them for their prayers, but to also give them a chance to see how awesomely our Lord answered their cries by seeing myself and Gracie Ann in person and how good we are doing,
So, Jeremy surprised me with a special reception on my actual Breathday (the 1 year anniversary of my new lungs and new life)
What a great opporutunity to invite these special people into our home to praise our Loving Father in heaven and to thank them for their invaluable prayers in person.

My heart (as well as Jeremy’s) feels so much peace having this blessed opportunity to thank and embrace so many precious prayer warriors who prayed for both Gracie Ann and myself. It was a night of truly glorifying our Lord and standing in gratitude for all of you faithful souls, who fell to your knees, storming heaven for us.......our Precious Lord Jesus heard your cries and answered your prayers in such an incredible and miraculous way.
I have been by our Lord, as He so graciously saw fit to use ME, a scrawny, scared, and weak little soul, to work inside of, to Glorify Him in such an amazing way. 
I have always prayed that no one ever does, or will ever see ME....I want the world to only see the most Beautiful and most Holy Reflection of Christ within me....for I am nothing, He is everything!! For I have nothing to offer Him but my brokenness....for even the smallest amount of good inside of me is Him already!!!
Please know that even though not everyone was able to attend and unfortunately, some may not have even known (we did all that we could think of, to get the word out to absolutely EVERYONE) about this celebration of miracles and praises, I stand in gratitude for ALL of you and I have been and promise to always pray for each and everyone of you, each and every day....and I will forever!! 

I am humbled as I now realize that over 300 friends were able to come, and this was only a fraction of all who fervently prayed for us.... Our house was literally bursting with Joyful noise!! For this, we will be forever grateful!

Jeremy and I were unable to truly capture all of the abundantly beautiful moments that last evening brought......As we were literally living in the joy, capturing each and every interaction in our hearts and not necessarily "capturing" these special moments on film.  All of the blessings of these most precious visits from the souls who stormed Heaven for me and Gracie Ann were overwhelmingly powerful.

But, even though we do not have a lot of pictures to commemorate, It brought us such great joy to see everyone sharing food and fellowship, tears and laughter together....All in honor of Him!!  God bless you all!
All Praise and Glory Be to the Father and to Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end