Sunday, July 24


 Isaac's first experience with soft serve AND a cone
 That's green jello AND soft serve ice cream cones together........BEST DAY EVER!!!
Too cute


I couldn't decide which picture to pick so I just posted them all


We may forget someday how important this summer was for our family, so here are some thoughts that I want to share that I was inspired with during my prayer time
Our summer is so different than I ever imagined it would be. I never imagined our family spending the summer (having our house renovated) and living at our lakehouse, but as frustrating as it makes me at times, not being able to be at home, I continually hear Christ gently whisper in my heart that this is exactly what our family needs right now, and being at the lake together and away from our normal lives will be invaluable to our family's closeness and to the pureness of each of our souls
I often reflect on how my Jesus is stripping all of my earthly vanity from me, leaving only the innocent soul that He created on the day that He formed me in His Hands, and that thought comforts me and fills me with joy, as I desire with all of my heart to even somewhat resemble the pure being that He breathed life into on the very first day of my existence.
As I have Lord is a Lord of never ending surprises, and just when I think that I have figured out the meaning of my journey, He reminds me of my smallness and exactly how much I CANNOT see, which is an overwhelming thought, but somehow when I faithfully follow blindly, He always assures me that I am safe. 

Christ has so mercifully allowed me to learn more and more about Him, while at the same time, not allowing me to "figure Him out".  For my lacking human heart could never incapsulate all that is Him.....not even a small sliver of His True Loveliness

Jesus has again asked me for another sacrifice/gift, that was really His in the first hair.  My hair has fallen out of my head.  To be perfectly honest, it did not really bother me much, because I knew that this was the perfect sacrifice for our Lord (as anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my long hair) My doctor said that my hair loss was due to all of the stress, medications, and malnutrition that I have experienced over the past months.  
Surprisingly enough (after all of my recent formation with Christ), it is not really my hair that I miss.....but that, paired with my paleness, thinness, tubes surrounding my face, puffiness, and some other more private sufferings that have effected my is kerry that I miss.  Not that I necessarily miss her for myself, but I miss her for Jeremy and for my kids.  You see, to my little ones, I don't resemble their mommy very much anymore.  I feel like I am scary looking and unfamiliar.

 (me with my hair....and still pregnant with Gracie Ann)
My babies have been so gracious, telling me that I am pretty and that they cannot even tell a difference and in fact Madison climbed into bed with me yesterday wanting to show me a picture.  It was a picture of a Barbie doll.  She said that when she came across this picture, it reminded her of me and that this is how I look to her.
I am so grateful that Jesus has blessed me with a family who uplifts me over and over again no matter what.

(me and baby Gracie Ann after my 76 day hospital stay-I was so sick)
I am quite certain that I do not resemble Barbie (not even a little bit) and that my children do in fact see a difference and that it may even leave their fragile hearts unsettled at times, but I pray that my children recognize me by my I share my thoughts with them and how I care for my precious children as the mommy that they have always known.  I pray that my children will recognize my soul before they recognize my face.  My broken down outer shell has given me the opportunity to reiterate how lacking this world is.  How bruised and broken our human bodies are and how perfect Heaven will be.

They are learning so much through this experience and I am ashamed to admit that there are times (a lot of times) that I despair over being the cross that our family has been asked to carry.  My anguish over being such a burden to my family is truly my ugly vanity rearing itself in my soul and so I continually ask our Lord to deliver me from my despair and to help me embrace this beautiful cross that He has so mercifully chosen for me.  What an honor I have been given!
When I am despairing and greatly overwhelmed, I can literally feel my physical body suffocating in fear...... at these moments, Jesus reminds me with His most beautiful gentle whisper  that all I need to do at that moment is to love my family with all of my heart and to be the wife and the mommy that I was called to be....but in this new way, different from the wife and mommy I was called to be before.  Things are much different now and slowly but surly Jesus is showing me what this new vocation looks like.  All I want to do is to please Him

After breakfast, ALL of my boys sat, mesmerized, watching a video featuring the new 2017 Ford Raptor Truck...Jeremy is trying to decide whether or not to get the 2 toned paint job with the stripe....I told him that if he chooses the two toned racing stripe WITH the tricked out wheels, that he will be the coolest kid at Keller High : )
I love boys and their matter how old they get, trucks are still super exciting to them.  Nicholas sat there talking about the truck that he wants to drive someday (of course one that matches daddy's) While Isaac watched the video (he loved being with the big boys)...... tried very hard to stay focused, but seemed more concerned that his sippy cup was empty and if he could have more juice....which he calls "Duice"

 We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed being together to prepare this meal...what a blessing!
The kids and I have a been making dinner together.  This is a pic of Madison peeling potatoes while Nicholas peels was a tasty pot roast in deed.  I think that the preparation with the kids might have been more exciting than the actual dinner!

The girls and I got to have an impromptu girls movie party last night.  Isaac and Gracie Ann were down for naps and Nicholas and daddy had gone out for the evening.  It was great!  We piled up on the bean bags and downstairs couch and watched a funny chick flick....and giggled a ton!  Madison actually stopped by the Granbury movie theater to pick up movie popcorn, cokes, and candy......It was a totally authentic movie party from beginning to end....only better because we had all of the luxuries and treats, but we got to be at home with no crowds of people!

What can I say about the boat......The kids love it!  They could tube, wakeboard, surf or ski  around the lake all day long!  This is Isaac's first summer on the tube and now he doesn't want to do anything else.....he wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night talking about "da boat" as he pronounces it!  We officially have a 4th water baby in the family

Jeremy, the kids, and I have been blessed with lots of rest time together during our summer days at the lake. Lots of time just talking and hanging out.  I loved sitting on the back deck drawing and visiting with my kids the other morning.....and Isaac is ALWAYS around to make us laugh.  Oh how much Jesus has blessed me with this time for our family to bond.   I am soaking up all I can of my children, before I am called away again for my new lungs.....which will be such a long awaited blessing, but one that takes me away from my family again.....I am already grieving this time, as my children need their mommy and this mommy needs her children.

(My Isaac Bear)
My sweet little Isaac LOVES his naps!  He is so snuggly and I just love that!  I could snuggle him all day. When he is not snuggling, he is a little firecracker with an incredible zeal for life and he brings a joy to our family that only a little one could bring!
Gracie Ann 
(My Little Baby Bunny)
Gracie Ann requires A LOT of snuggling right now.  She loves to be held (she knows the difference between being snuggled up in blankets and being snuggled against the beating heart of her daddy or mommy) and frankly, we ALL love to hold her.....especially me!! At any given moment, there is a line of brothers and sisters waiting to hold her....  As I focus on eating, resting, praying, WAITING (for new lungs), and of course being a mommy as much as I am able, I have plenty of snuggle time available for her.  My Lord Jesus, I would not trade this time with my kids for the world!
When I hold her against my heart, she is immediately calmed and falls fast asleep 
Saying thank you to our Lord does not express the extent of my gratitude but it is the only word that I have, so Thank you, Jesus for this unexpected secluded summer
I never want it to end

Tuesday, July 19


Who would've ever ordinary girl like me would ever be loved by such an extraordinary boy
To My one and only Love, Jeremy,

(I wrote this portion last January 2016)
Dear Jeremy,
I blog about you quite often, but it still seems to fall short of truly expressing my gratitude towards our Lord, Who gave you to me.
It is January something, 2016 and it is a Friday afternoon and I am laying in our bed right now with baby Gracie Ann growing in my belly.  I am physically exhausted and need to rest before Isaac awakes from his afternoon nap, but I cannot seem to fall asleep.  I can see you out our bedroom are pacing our back porch, on a business call.  Even on your day off, you are working so hard to keep everything afloat so that the kids and I do not have a worry in the world....what a gift that is to us.  Even when you are worn out and weary, you continue to labor,  putting me and our kids before your own needs and I am feeling unworthy  but so very grateful for you.

(I wrote this portion today July 2016)
Jeremy, I feel so blessed to have had you as my husband for the past 19 years and feeling blessed that we have been in love for MORE THAN 1/2 of our lifetimes!
Jer.....We have been together....LONGER than we have been apart!  Jesus brought you into my life 22 years ago, when we were only 18.
Wow, can you believe it.....
I know that people say things like "Our wedding day seems like yesterday" and in some ways it does....but when I think of us at 18 and now at 40.....We have truly been together for a lifetime!

We have literally grown up together, and I love that!  Together, Hand and hand, we have learned the ways of the world and how we fit into all of it.

Think about this.......When I met you in 1993, I was still heavily hair-spraying my "spiral permed" hair and you were still wearing both a turtle-neck AND an oversized GAP button up, tucked into your stone-washed jeans!
You bought me my very first music CD "Gin Blossoms" and you would play my favorite song for me over and over and OVER again as we drove in your car.  I would sing really loud and swing my hair from side to side as I was very cheerily "car-dancing"....and you would just smile and teasingly roll your eyes at me as you drove.   Do you remember that song, "Hey Jealousy"....Boy did I LOVE that song!

Whenever I asked permission, you would let me drive your car, as you were trying to teach me how to drive a "Standard Transmission"......Yikes, did I grind those gears!  But as I nervously bit my bottom lip and glanced your way, you NEVER lost your temper!

I remember how you would drive ALL OF THE WAY from Baylor to TCU on a random weekday evening, JUST to take me out to dinner (or simply order in, a Dominos thin crust pizza with extra sauce).....and then you would drive ALL of the way back to Waco that same night because you had an 8:00 class the next morning!
Then college came to an end and we could officially be together for the rest of our lives
We were married one week after graduation......we couldn't wait to be together forever!
We were finally going be officially "Jeremy and Kerry Lustig"
I meant each and every vow that I committed to, in front of our beautiful Lord, as I looked into your blue eyes that day, but I was far from knowing what those vows really meant.  God intended for us to make that first marital fiat with total blind faith, so that He could form our hearts together, as He strengthen our bond, preparing us for what our future life held.  Somewhere during that time, we went from being two young kids who were married, to a real family unit, centered on Christ!  Even now Our Lord continues to faithfully shower us with the Graces that we need to get through the different situations that cross our path.
I would not trade this life for anything.  You are my world and my true love!  You are my best friend and my soulmate.  We have a great life and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Before we were even married, I felt called to start praying a special prayer to our prayer was that no matter what, I would always love you, more than you loved me. Why, because you deserve to be loved the most
And for the last 1/2 of my life, and for the rest of my life, I promise to do just that! 

I will be here: Steven Curtis Chapman

Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear
I will be here
If in the dark we lose sight of love, hold my hand and have no fear
I will be here

I will be here, when you feel like being quiet, when you need to speak your mind I will listen

I will be here, when the laughter turns to crying, through the winning losing and trying
We'll be together
I will be here

Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the future is unclear

I will be here
As sure as seasons were made for change, our lifetimes are made for years
I will be here

I will be here, you can cry on my shoulder, when the mirror tells us were older I will hold you

and I will be here to watch you grow in beauty and and tell you all the things you mean to me 
I will be here

I will be true to the promise I had made, to you and to The One Who gave you to me

I will be here
(Okay.....This is more of what I looked like for our 19th wedding anniversary this year)

Jeremy STILL claims that I am beautiful, even with all of my hair falling out and my thin body full of scars and less than ladylike equipment.  I pray that he continues to look at me through his pure and loving heart.  I am a most blessed girl indeed.  As ordinary as I am, I somehow won the heart of this extraordinary boy

19 years ago today, I became Mrs Lustig......I am such a lucky girl!
Happy Anniversary
I love you so much Jerms


Nicholas, You showed up perfectly timed on our 10th wedding anniversary....The best anniversary gift that we have ever received indeed
Nicholas made his own birthday cake out of banana bread's his favorite!....we just didn't have any candles
Daddy found toothpicks and lit them on fire for Nicholas to blow out!  Only a daddy would solve a problem in this manner.  Nicholas was thrilled....actually ALL of the kids were thrilled to light toothpicks on fire
 Then we had a birthday lunch at this little Mexicn restaurant in Granbury.....what could be better than a sopapilla birthday dessert!
What an amazing kid my little Nicholas is......he's is not so little anymore, he's 12
I just need time to slow down a is all going much too fast! 
I am so grateful that our Lord Jesus made ME his blessed I am to be able to be called that.....He truly melts my heart 
My sweet Nicholas is centered in Christ, super funny, polite. super loving, caring and virtuous towards his family and towards all who cross his path, he is also a GREAT big brother.....what else could a mommy desire for her child!
I love you, Nicholas and I thank our Lord for you each and every day!
God Bless you and Happy Birthday