Tuesday, February 16


Madison got to be teacher for the day in her 4th grade class.  Mrs. Meyer was her teacher, but today the teacher was Madison or "Miss Lustig".  Mrs Meyer brought her a special teacher's mug and she got to plan the lessons that day.
 She had such a fun day!
 She is a natural teacher and very organized!
 She and I made up a quiz for the class and she got to drink out of her mug all day!
She got to wear whatever she wanted while the class had to wear their regular school uniform. What a special day she had!

Friday, February 5


Madison had a "Totally Pink Birthday Bash" at our house!  15 little girls giggling and screaming!  What a fun and crazy night!
 The house was TOTALLY pink!
 Everyone even wore pink clothes!  They watched a movie and relaxed after a craft and a lot of screaming!
 Madison and her friend, Emily showing off their matching necklaces!
Madison had a "crooked cake" for her party!  it was really cool and yummy!
 Even Savannah joined in the fun in totally pink!! Happy Birthday Madison!