Saturday, January 18


Madison is in the 8th grade this year and she had her first school dance tonight.  She was so excited.  I was so excited as her mommy.  It was so fun to pick out her dress and get her hair done.  Teenage girl stuff is so much fun!!
  Madison got her hair done at the "Hair Bar" in Southlake (for the record, I have never had my hair professionally done for n event)  The things that we do for our children.  She loved it....and so did I!  I love being a girl!!

My Pretty Little Princess
Finished hair
Madi and her friend, Claire, Maggie, and Hannah before the dance
What a fun dance!!!  Jer and I showed up early to pick up the was such a fun dance.  They are doing the "Chicken Dance" in this pic

Thank you Jesus, for this great homeschool Co op that we have found for Madison.  Thank you for the wonderful friends that she has found and the great Catholic families that we have found with the same desires for their children as Jeremy and I have for ours.  She is having a GREAT year!!