Thursday, January 21


Here are Angela "Ang" and I in the Limo on the way from Laguardia Airport!  Welcome to NYC!
"We're finally here!"  No time to even walk into the hotel...drop the bags outside with the bellman and off we go!  Ron and Jeremy RUSHING to the Empire States Building!
A random chandelier hanging outside, under a store awning. (Urban Flair)
 With the cool chandelier outside, we had to stop and go in!
Took this one for Madison! Mommy misses you guys!
Ang and I pretending that we live in this trendy brownstone!
 Our favorite eating spot for lunch!  They have the HUGEST sandwiches!
 I am sure that it is all legal!  You just cannot leave any sort of paper trail!  That's normal, right?
I am certain that Ron will not have heartburn later!
Angela and Ron at lunch!
Hanging out in a real NYC alley!! We were trying to get a mugger in this shot, but nobody came!
Ron and Ang in Time Square
Parking is at a premiun in the city...people had to park "close" together to fit!
Me and Ang in the "Plaza" Hotel....where Eloise lives! (we were the only ones NOT carrying a miniature dog, wearing clothes and riding in a purse)
 Jeremy and Ron's rendition of the "Plaza".  The NYC Apple Store.  It is open 24 hrs a day!  The highest revenue of any store in the world! Only round elevator too!  Every man's dream!
All of our meals were amazing!
 Always drinks after dinner at one of the many way cool "hole in the wall" bars in NYC!
Stanton Island Fairy Ride...very cold!!
 Give these men some "statue"!!!
 Cuddling up on the fairy!
Love the snuggling, but where is this statue that they speak of....?
There She is!  We never got off the fairy...there was too much to see!  We had to keep moving!
On to the next site!  Will it be a museum, a show, a famous building?
You haven't really experienced NYC until you have ridden on the Subway....we played it cool, though!
Blended right in with the locals! Next stop.....Central Park!
Such a beautiful day...Everyone was out in the park!
 Mary Tyler Moore moment!
 Oops...romantic kiss caught on film!
 Me and my Jerms!  Love you, sweetie!
 Ron and Angela...Cute couple!
 Enjoying a coffee in the park!
 Central Park Hot Dog!  Yummy!
 Still eating the hot dog!
 Central Park wildlife!
Very beautiful place!
 Another NYC Hot Spot.  They filmed an episode of "Sex and the City" at this restaurant!
 It had this really cool bathroom that they actually have had photo shoots in....we did one of our own!
 After dinner, Jeremy stood in the middle of the restaurant and Angela and I stuck a pose on the stairs like movie stars!  It was so fun!
 Breakfast at the coffee shop!  We lived on coffee...there was a Starbucks on every corner.  We needed it for energy and to keep warm!
 Controversial picture of Obama!  It was on the news that he did not approve this add!  Oops someone messed up bad.  They took it down days later.  Personally, I think that the government has bigger fish to fry at this point!
So many beautiful and inspiring churches!
 People lit candles and wrote their intentions in marker right on the candle. They were written in all different languages...very powerful how connected we are in Christ!
 Seinfeld lunch at Tom's Restaurant!
Another yummy lunch at the famous "Katz's Deli"
A clock from the twin towers that stopped running at the time of the crash. Our Russian taxi driver made the Sign of the Cross, and teared up as he remembered that day.  He shared with us that he was on shift right next to the tower, when a desperate and terrified person jumped out of the window and landed on his taxi.  Wow, NYC was changed forever.  You can see the reverence whenever 911 is mentioned.  I had always felt like it was something that happened to me as an American, but I did not experience ANYTHING like the people of New York.