Thursday, December 9


I love singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus each year. It is always Angel Food cake (fitting) with homemade whip cream topping.  It is a tradition that i am so happy to have been raised with.  He is the reason for this time of year and He gets lost sometimes.   A very Cliche thing to say but true!

Jeremy had knee surgery so we could not put out our big Christmas tree this year.  The kids and I got a small tabletop tree and adorned it with homemade painted dough ornaments.  That was one of the best evenings together ever!  We are in Utah with our family so I will post pictures when we return.

What a great time we are having with our family in Utah!  I love Christmas!
(Jeremy's father "Oompa", Jeremy, and Jeremy's grandfather, "Papa")
Every time the family is together the boys play multiple games of Cribbage!  It just wouldn't be Christmas without this scene at the kitchen bring warmth to my heart!
 Making our Christmas cookie dough ornaments at home before Christmas
 It was such an amazing night with the kids!  We all had so much fun!
 The tree was prettier than ever!!  The best tree I ever saw!  Made with such love!
They are so proud of their tree!
 What a wonderful way to get ready for our Little Lord Jesus!
 Best Christmas tree we ever had!