Sunday, December 26


I have been gone for awhile and feel called to start blogging again.  I worry about what I am going to say but have decided to just ignore that vice and just write.  I love Christmas.  It is a wonderful time to refocus my life.  In church today, Father talked about the 4th commandment "Honor thy father and mother"  Of course I was looking to see if the kids were listening.  He went on to say that he was more so talking to the adults!  He had beautiful words and summed up with that EVERYTHING we have been given under God comes from our parents!  They gave me everything...and I should thank them and honor them for their entire lives.  Thank you Mom and Dad for raising me in a faith filled Catholic home!  I love you.
 We had a snowman family greeting friends at the front door!
 Each tree was wrapped in red lights!
 The house disappears in this picture of the lights all lit at night!  The kids loved it!
 Our courtyard gate wreath....Christmas is so much fun!  Neighborhoods are transformed into winter wonderlands!