Friday, December 31


We had a really fun New Year's Eve with our friends!  A few of our families got together at Felix and Lori's house for a fun and "food-filled" New Years celebration.  18 kids in all ran around the house like crazy while us mommies and daddies ate, played games, and visited...What a great night of fun!
Madison and Isabella
"MOST" of the kids at the table eating!  The house was filled with people!!
The 2 "Jeremys"  We have some great friends that are also named Jeremy and Kerry!!  Isn't that crazy! So this is the Jeremy from the other, "Jeremy and Carey" (that is how she spells her name)
Getting the toasting drinks ready for the New Years Count Down! 11:55pm!!!
All the Girls! (Lori, Shelly, Carey, Becky, Michele, and me!)
All the Boys! (Jim, Felix, Tim, Jeremy, and Jeremy!)
"3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"
Nicholas and Savannah with their noise makers!
Outside for some party poppers!
Wouldn't be New Years without explosives!
Jeremy and Carey's New Year's Kiss!
Our New Year's Kiss!
Tim and Michele's New Year's Kiss!
Felix and Lori's New Year's Kiss!
Jim and Becky's New Year's Kiss!
Our Children at 1:00am!! They never run out of energy!  What a great way to bring in the New Year! Thanks Felix and Lori for hosting such a fun evening! Have a blessed 2011!