Thursday, January 6


Madison's 5th grade class did an Epiphany program celebrating the day that the Wise men arrived to see the Baby Jesus.  I just love our sweet Catholic school, where the focus is on the "real" importance of life and we can freely talk of our faith in God.  He is a part of their everyday life at school.
 Our sweet little Madison singing on stage like an angel!!
Madison's part was a "gift giver".  She wanted to play our mother Mary so bad!! This is what Jesus chose for her though and she never complained about it once!!!
 Of course, the 3 kings!  Look at the little boy dressed like a sheep in the background...he made me laugh so hard...he was so cute!!
 Madison with some of her girlfriends after the play
 We get a picture with the star after the program! We are so proud of you, Honey!!
Madison with her girlfriends again.