Saturday, February 12


My little Madison, who is now 11 year old went on her first "weekend away" on a Catholic girl's retreat with Challenge Club!!!  It was in Midlothian TX at  Camp Hoblitzelle.  I cannot believe that I actually let her go...she is such a big girl!  What a beautiful weekend with Jesus!
The theme for the weekend was "PEACE LOVE & JESUS" perfect for 5th grade girls!
 It was a 2 hour drive from Keller.  Lori and I and the girls piled in the car together for the long drive and mommy moral support.  Most of the girls attending had never been away from home for 2 nights before (look at Madison's cute luggage)
 Registration table
Our sweet Regnum Christi Co-Workers (girls that devote a year to our Lord after graduating high school, through working with the youth in Challenge Club)  We couldn't do it without you!
Madison and some of her friends with our most holy Consecrated, Florencia
 The girls with their high school Challenge team leader, Madison.  She comes each week to our meetings and works with the girls!  What a wonderful sacrifice she is making for our daughters!
 In the cabin, setting up our beds
Making look a little more like home
Time for a little fun....and maybe mischief....what are the girls lining up for?
 Jumping on the beds!!  Don't tell anyone!
Isabella's turn to jump!
Go Natalie!!
 The 7th grade St. Elizabeth Challenge girls posing for a picture
Madison's bed
Me and I really leaving her????
 Madison and Ava being crazy girls!!  What fun!
 Jumping ahead to Sunday!! Coming to meet Madison for Mass to end the wonderful weekend retreat!  It was so great to see my girl.  Jeremy and I really missed her at home.
 Madison (and the other girls that chose to) received a special blessing and ring from our most holy Fr. Frank at the Sunday retreat Mass.  The girls devoted themselves to Christ in a special way.  They received daily prayer commitments and special Christian formation that will help them grow closer to Jesus.  My little girl is coming into her own, especially in her faith.   Praise you Father for our Madison and for the wonderful formation that she is receiving that is guiding her towards You, Jesus!  I love you!
All the girls and the Consecrated from the Challenge weekend retreat!  What a joyful Sunday!