Friday, March 25


Here are some sub-par pics off of my iphone of dinner with Grammy at Papaduex last Friday night
Grammy and Madison got SO CRACKED UP over something at dinner!  It brought joy to my heart!  I love when I just cannot stop laughing!! We love having our Grammy here visiting! Again, the picture quality is not so good, but the food was!!  Thank you, Lord for such joy!!
Nicholas had spaghetti sauce ALL over his face.  I had to take a pic of him.  I didn't want him to know that I was taking it.  He LOVES spaghetti!!
He saw that I was taking his picture and is now trying to hide from me!! His first question is always  "Are you going to put it on the Blog?? Don't put it on, Mommy!!!"  I always have to convince him that people love to see him and he should not be embarrassed!  He always eventually agrees and I have free reign to blog it!   I love that little one!!