Sunday, April 24


Savannah and Nicholas decided that they wanted to see the Easter Bunny this year when he came to visit.  So they left him notes on their baskets
 Savannah's note to the Bunny....spelled phonetically, of course
Nicholas' letter to the Easter Bunny.  He got some spelling aide help from Mommy
The rest of Nicholas' special note
 Then they made a trail of arrows to help the bunny find their rooms so that he could wake them up and introduce himself to them when he visited.
It went around the every couple of inches so that there would be no excuse for him not to find his way.
 Through the hall
 Up to the stairs
All of the way up the stairs
Ending in a split in the line of sticky notes to each of their bedrooms
The bunny ended up leaving a special treat on each of their beds....did he wake them and they just don't remember????  OR  Did he just hop in and quietly hop of without a sound???
I guess he only knows!