Sunday, July 31


We are so blessed to have our Papa (Jeremy's Grandfather) still with us.  He and Nana (Jeremy's Grandmother) live just up the street from us and we feel really lucky to be able to spend time with them on a regular basis!  They get to see our kids (their Great-Grandkids) grow up before their eyes.

Papa has been sick the past 6 months, so we are really savoring every moment that we have to be together.  When someone you love is sick, it is such a blessing to really focus on how precious the time we have together is.....for all of us.  None of us are promised a tomorrow!!

Papa was released from Baylor Hospital and put into a rehab center also down the street from our house, so we have been bringing him Wendy's Frosties each evening.  Everyone loves a Frostie!!

He is doing so much better now that he is out of Baylor.  We are praying that he can come home soon, and get back to normal life.  Here are some pics of Papa and the fam...
 Papa has this "cool" TV that comes out from the wall on a giant arm that the kids can watch from his bed.  "Wow, we should get these at home"....the kids say!!
 Madison sitting in the corner playing her ipod touch games.  She either plays games or reads on the Kindle
 Jeremy and his Grandpa playing Cribbage....the favorite Lustig family game...all of the boys play it!
 Papa's smile can literally LIGHT up a room!!! As you can clearly see in this pic!! Look how happy and healthy he looks!! He feels a ton better!!  Praise Jesus!
 The Boys!!
 This pic is somewhat a memory from my childhood.  My grandpa Johnson (a hardworking immigrant from Sweden) had the biggest, SOFTEST hands ever!!  I loved to hold onto them.  I can still physically feel how soft they were every time I think about him.  I felt a special warmth when seeing Papa's soft hand holding onto little Nicholas's.  Maybe it will be something that my kids remember about their Papa too.

(when looking at our blog just now, Nicholas told me that "Papa's hand were so soft"....I hadn't even told him about why I took that picture!!)  It is so amazing what seemingly little things touch our hearts and the inner workings of our soul (smells, feelings, tastes) could anyone ever deny that there is a God!?!?
 Here is the "old married couple" Savannah and Nick hanging out in Papa's bed while Jeremy and Papa finish up their card game...(they really act like an old married couple...they are just the best of friends!)

 In our normal fashion...trying to get the kids organized for a family shot
All of us with our Papa.  We love him so much.  My grandparents passed away when I was still pretty young....Jeremy's Papa has been my Papa for 18 years now!!  I have known him and Nana as my Grandparents longer than 3 of my 4 grandparents!!!  What a blessing that both Nana and Papa so lovingly agreed to be my grandparents too.  I love you so much Nana and Papa!