Thursday, August 25


Here we are on the beach on the beautiful island of Palma!  It was such a relaxing day
 Walking to the beach and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
 Nicholas looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him
 Now it is Madison's turn
 Now it is time for Savannah to give it a try

Here is the beautiful  Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral  Right by the beachThere are so many beautiful Catholic churches all over Europe (almost every street corner)!  I was blessed to be able to take time out to pray inside of them and just feel the history of our beautiful and important faith.  What an inspiring place to lift up my loved ones to our Lord.  These churches were truly "Houses of God"  Fit for the King of the Universe!! (no gymnasiums)
 Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
 Splashing in the big waves!
 Sweet Madison
 Nicholas and Savannah digging in the sand making a castle
 Mommy and Madison playing in the waves!
 He is 1/2 fish.  My kids just love the beach and sand!  We had sand in everything!
 Mommy and Daddy pretending to be on a date...just relaxing at the beach!
 Walking across the street for some ice cream
 Perfect snack on a hot beachy day

 Shuttle back to the cruise ship..we were so tired!
 Little Man still smiling, remembering jumping over the waves at the beach
Boy, that Mediterranean sun was intense!! But, what a great of my favorites of all time!!