Monday, August 1


We had a new idea for birthdays this year.  We let Nicholas choose between a party OR a special dinner with JUST mom and dad....any place that he wanted to eat at!  Then off to the toy store to pick a special gift.  He picked the special dinner with Mom and Dad over the party without a thought!!  It just shows how important that time that we spend with our children really is.  How often does one of our kids get our UNDIVIDED attention!  He felt like a prince....sometimes, the birthday kid can get lost in all of the excitement of the party too!!  What a beautiful tradition we have started....even though we were a few weeks late (he official birthday is July 19th)
 He chose Chili's of course...they make the best Mac & Cheese ever!!! (doesn't it taste a lot like the one from the .89cent Kraft box?!?)
 2 thumbs up for finishing one of the "child menu" matching puzzles!
 I love this one of my boys!!
 Aren't they just so cute?!?
 Love me some silly!!
 Nicholas had a hard time trying to figure out what to say without his sisters there interrupting him
 So he put on a little funny show for us full of faces and dances at the table!
 He can flare his nostrils and move his tongue around at the same time
 Daddy took this one of Nick's "signature" spiked hairdue!!
 Chili's gave him a "Happy Birthday Pepper Club Award"..He gets to eat free next time!!
We went to the toy store after our special dinner and the first thing that he asked for was to get something for his sisters too!!  What a sweet little angel!!  He got these mini bike ramps with mini bikes for Madison and Savannah...he chose the colors of bikes for his sisters with such care.  He is such a sweet little soul!!  We love you little birthday boy