Thursday, September 15


Some dear girlfriends of mine and our daughters have been getting together for about 6 years!  We have had an organized prayer group for our little girls that over the years has consisted of prayer time, saint studies, service projects, sewing and crafts.  It has been called numerous names from year to year (Little Flowers, Pearls Club, etc..) They have grown up together.  They are a sweet virtuous group of little girls that get so much joy out of honoring and serving our Lord!  They inspire one another as we moms inspire each other as well.  It is truly a special group.
(From left: Evan, Clare, Gracie, Madison, Isabel, and Oliva)
They have really grown up!  Just yesterday, they were 5 years 11!  Jesus brings such special people into our lives.  They accompany us on our journey home towards our Lord.  There are just certain people that you know, our Lord has sent to guide us on our way.  They are good for us and good for our souls.  Thank you, Jesus for the people that you put into my life that truly feeds my soul.
(From left: Evan, Gracie, Madison, Olivia and I think that is the right side of Isabel)
LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!! They were only 5 years old. This was one of our prayer group meetings WAY BACK THEN!  Wow, how times goes by!
(Isabel, Olivia, Claire, Evan, Gracie, Madison, Anna Grace)
We ended the year with a Tea Party (that is our old house!)  The girls each got a straw hat at the beginning of the year and each month at our meetings, they were get a flower that went along with the virtue/saint that they were learning about.  They would add a new flower to their hat each time and this was the end result of the hats.  The girls were just little darlings!!
Here are the girls in their "Little Flowers" sashes and hats during the tea party.
I miss those days!  All of my kids were so little and safe!

After all of this time, only 2 girls are not with our group anymore....Anna Grace (next to Madison in the front) moved to Tennessee this past summer and Hannah (next to Anna Grace) had to drop out a few years back because of ballet class.  Out of our original 8 girls, 6 of us are still meeting.  Wow have we seen each other through a lot of life changes over the years!!  What wonderful friends we all are!

Thank you Jesus, for those special memories and also for the memories made with each new day and time in our lives