Monday, October 31


Each year we are blessed to host a fun Halloween party with our friends...for all of our friends!!  This year it was at the Mira's house.  Here are some highlights!
 The hostesses decided that we should all dress up as the very popular 80's Solid Gold Dancers!!  I used to love that show!!  But like my friend Carey said, if you watch the youtube videos of their routines, dance has come A LONG WAY!
(pictured from left to right: Michele, me, Lori, and Carey....our friend LeAnn hosted too but she is really pregnant and understandably didn't want to put on a solid gold dancer costume)
 Felix was a whoopy cushion.....that made me laugh SO HARD!!!
 some pics from the party
 more pics of our friends....we served A LOT of food...we always have a soup theme.  This year we made Potato Soup, Chili, Taco Soup, White Chicken Chili, and more!!!  It was the perfect weather for this hearty spread!
 Some of the kids
 Therese and Mark....Mark held his cape that way because he said that his costume was made cheaply....he had the funniest plastic hair....and Therese IS super woman...ask anyone!!
 Angela and Rob as a 70's couple...Is that Rob's REAL chest hair?!?
 Chuck and Liz (Lizzy)...They are TOO FUNNY!! (Chuck is our dentist...he really is so gentle and kind.....just a little scary around Halloween)
 Adam dressed as the Allstate insurance "Mayhem guy"....a 2011 favorite at the party!
Madison and Isabella set up a "Spooky Boutique" at the party where they would paint faces, put on glow in the dark nail polish and crazy colored hair spray....that was fun to wash out of Nick's scalp!! but the girls had a blast!! (Madison was an Eskimo girl)
 Noodles and Savannah dressed as a werewolf and a glow in the dark skeleton
 Chuck and Liz are AWESOME!! They brought out a hay filled flatbed trailer from their ranch and gave a trick-or-treating hayride to all of the was so fun!!
Me and my hero (Batman) and LOVE, Jerms.  These are just a few of our pics from that memorable evening.  We just love getting to do this every year...what beautiful memories we are making!  We have such great friends in our lives....I just think about them and cannot believe how blessed we are...what a fun night!!