Wednesday, November 16


Yes Friends... this year EACH one of our precious children got a miniature Christmas tree in their rooms!  They have been begging for this for years!!  I FINALLY did it and really feel like....well..."I Rock!"
 Here is Nicholas' special BLUE tree with some of his favorite ornaments on it
Here it is in all of it's lit splendor!
 Here is Savannah's special "PURPLE" Christmas tree with some of her holiday favorites hung on it
Here is it glowing with Christmas cheer
 Here is Madison's special PINK Christmas tree (very teen!)
How beautiful it looks lighting up her room
The kids were so excited to have some Christmas extend to their rooms!  The smiles that these little tokens of Christmas bring is so worth all of the mess!! Preparing for Jesus' birthday is such a special event in our home!  I always want them to remember it, and how important it is