Tuesday, November 8


I was blessed to have the Sacrament of Confession last Sunday with our wonderful Father Jim.  He gave me an awesome 3 day penance....what did I do to earn a 3 day penance you might be asking...well that is only for God and I to know....and Father Jim : ) In all seriousness, he is such a kind priest and often gives penitents things to do over a period of time to really mold their soul to receive the Lord more deeply (which stresses me out a little...seeing that I am rather scrupulous) but it is very beneficial to my soul...He is an amazing shepherd for His flock and always gives such beautiful advice, allowing Christ to truly speak through him.  He told me to look at an image of our Lord and just sit in His presence....Telling Him that I love Him and then just allowing Him to love me back.  I did just that.  Madison and I had that perfect opportunity to go up to church last evening  while the little ones were at CPAC and sit in the sanctuary all alone (I love being alone in the church...it is just so intimate)  I did what Father Jim suggested and told our Lord that I loved Him out loud and then just allowed myself to sit and feel Him loving me back (listening to Him with the ears of my heart).  Father Jim said that if I look at an image of our Lord, I will see that He has no condemnation in His Eyes...only love for me.  He is Love, and He loves me so much!!  I liken it to the way that i love My children only His love is a million times more perfect than mine.  It was so beautiful and I want to take the time to do that more often.  Father Jim asked me to focus on it for the next 3 days but it is something that our busy world does not allow for us to do very often at all....if ever.  I invite you to do the same.  It does not have to be in a Church.  It does help to have an image of His beautiful Face to look at.  His eyes are filled with so much Gentleness.  It just has to be in a place where you can really be in silence and just "be".  
Thank you, Jesus for our holy Father Jim to guide us home to You.