Monday, November 21


Today our prayer time was a bit interrupted.  First of all, Little Savannah has a fever that started yesterday afternoon (after playing outside in all of the leaves), so she is really miserable (a bad night of sleep for her).  She didn't want to be alone in mommy and daddy's bed, so I made her a bed on the floor of our schoolroom (aka: the nurses office) so that she could join us for prayer time before going back for another rest.   Well, with her laying on the floor with her blanket and pillow, really crowed our prayer area (candle, over-sized Rosary prayerbook) and THEN in walks Maximilian (our beloved HUGE dog). He saw the opportunity to snuggle on the floor and plopped himself right in the middle of everything.  My first reaction is usually to take him out of the room until we are finished on the floor (candle blown out...he's a huge and clumsy fire hazard)
ANYWAY, I decided instead to capture the moment and blog it so that I could always remember how cozy and warm it felt to all be together on this rainy fall morning.
 Max is loving life right now with all of his best friends on the floor snuggling him
 The kids just never get tired of loving on their dog
Well, we did get to all of our prayers (Joyful Mysteries today) and even "little Savannah", still in her pink Pomeranian puppy pajamas, perked up a bit.  I live for those little smiling faces (Savannah did a little work and then went back to take a nap...feel better soon my sweet baby girl).