Saturday, November 5

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Gala

Here is a quick pic from Gala this weekend.  Hopefully more to come. We had such a great time.  We stayed the night in the hotel so we started in the afternoon with cocktails and bunko with friends.  Then dressed up fancy and went to the Gala.  We ate, visited, laughed, and danced the night away with our great Catholic friends!  What a magical evening!  I really get to re-live my prom each year at Gala.  The only difference is I get to be there with the one true love of my life and get to come home to my 3 beautiful children.  With that said, Gala is MUCH better than prom!
(left to right: Therese, Carey, Michele, Becky, me and Liz)
Lori, Michele, and me
 They had a Christmas Tree backdrop so we thought that it would be fun to pretend that we were decorating the tree!
 Look at Jeremy Robert's face!  We were laughing SO HARD!  We were acting so obnoxious!  It was so much fun!  Luckily, our friends were in charged taking the pictures so they thought that it was funny too, as opposed to annoying!
Our friend, Michael came over to say hi too!  I love laughing so hard that you just cannot stop!
  We had so much fun taking pictures......we were like kids again!
 Here is the group after settling down a little
Here are the handsome boys.....they envisioned themselves as mob bosses
(Tim, Jeremy, Felix, Nick, the one in front is Steve)
 They could only stay serious for so long....
(Therese, Mr. Boyd, Debbie, Michele, Me, Carey, Steve)
It was SUCH a fun night!