Sunday, December 18


My great friend, Celeste and her hubby Flip, hosted an extravegant Christmas dinner party.  All of the girls wore cocktail dresses and the boys wore jackets.  It was a super fancy......super fun.....evening with friends.  Celeste is amazing!! (8 months pregnant with her 7th child)  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends......we surly don't deserve them.
Here are some of us sassy girls!
(from left: Shawnda-7 months pregnant, Donna, me, Celeste-8 months pregnant, and Diana)
 These pouty shots are so funny to me. Donna (girl in the middle of pic) grabbed Celeste's (the hostess's) iphone and we took this pic and made it into her wallpaper. We thought that we were hilarious!
(me, Donna, Shawnda and her sweet baby)