Saturday, December 24


We got to spend Christmas Eve at my folks house!  What a blessing to live so close to my family.  
(Jeremy's parents left yesterday to spend Christmas with my brother in law and his family in Louisiana.  they will return Christmas day to be with us)
 First I must mention the  online "Reindeer Cam"!  My kids were glued to the screen all day long watching live feed from the North Pole......It was really special!
 They watched as Santa would appear and check his list and then even put some presents into his sleigh!  it was completely magical!
 Here is the Christmas tree at Grandma and Grandpa's house (my parents)  The kids were DYING to open the gifts
 After Christmas Mass (where our entire family got to take up the awesome!!) and a yummy spaghetti dinner made by my sister (Turkey dinner tomorrow).......we got to open gifts!
(all in new matching jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Courtney)
 Look at these faces!
 Look at my Sis in her sassy new fur vest!!  She loved it......I just knew that she would!!
 Uncle Chris got a remote control helicopter!!!
 Auntie Deonn got my sister and I both statues of our Blessed Mother for our schoolrooms.  St. Mary is such a wonderful role model for us as wives, mothers, and homeschool teachers!! Thank you Auntie Deonn!
 Here are my folks opening a's so fun to shower the ones we love with gifts!  I love to watch them open them up.....especially when their faces light up with excitement!
We made Daddy a calendar of our family!

 The house will be silent with soon with everyone asleep, BUT not before we set out the cookies and milk for Santa.....don't forget the celery and oats for his reindeer!
 Santa loves treats!
So do his reindeer!