Sunday, January 1


I love my Daddy so much...well, I guess most little girls do!
He is so close to our Lord and raised my sister and I in a home centered around Christ!  He was a true spiritual leader for our family.
I would wake up in the middle of the night to find my daddy and mom praying over me as I slept.
EVERY time I see my daddy, he prays with me before I leave.  He always holds me close to his heart and whispers a prayer for me and my family into my ear.  I love that and I always depend on him for this special blessing when I see him.  I asked if Jeremy would take a picture of my daddy as he was praying over me when we said goodbye tonight.  I just want to always remember this special way that he shows how much he loves me (and our Lord).

I always try to remember to ask Jesus for a blessing over my children before we leave each other.  Growing up, he (and my mom) truly showed me who Christ was through his (their) actions.