Monday, March 19


Stormy weather hit our area tonight.  My true love, Jeremy, had his church meeting canceled.  We decided to fore go the kids activities for fear of some big Texas hail and without saying, decided not to go out to dinner as planned because of the approaching storms.  We had been at the lake all weekend so the groceries in the house were lacking.  Hummm what do we eat.....but of course, a family favorite..... breakfast burritos for dinner.  All of the kids helped prepare the meal.  What great family time that was (which was a blessing in itself) and we ate them on the back porch to watch the storms roll in.  I love nights like tonight
 It was pretty hot all day and then the sky grew dark and a cold front came in.  It must have dropped 20 some degrees in about 30 minutes
 We sat on the back porch safe from the threatening rain and ate our dinner together, with of course the weather channel on the TV.  The kids thought that this was really exciting........I did too!
 See how dark it was outside.  This was still rather early in the evening
 Here is the scary doppler shown on TV from Channel 4 (Our humble little town in right in the middle of the red part)
 Everyone stayed tuned as we ate.  Soon the wind really picked up.  We could barely keep our plates on the table.....then the rain came and we all ran in the house for safety from the blowing water!

Wow, it sure did come down outside (with the wind, it was almost raining sideways at times)  It is still thundering loudly but has the rain has calmed down for now.  More storms to come in a few hours.  It may be a big family slumber party at our house tonight......yeah!!!

Thank you for keeping us safe, Lord....thank you also for spring rain (tomorrow is the first day of spring!) and stormy nights that keep my family home from our outside activities