Friday, May 18


My little man graduated from Tiger Cub today and became a Wolf!  He is so excited!  He and Daddy worked hard to reach all of the goals in order to be awarded this honor!  Cub scouts has been such a blessing for both Nicholas and Jeremy.  It is an opportunity to work together as father and son......such an important relationship in the life of that sweet little soul!  Here are some pics from this event.
 We always start our cub scout events with the American flag ceremony "One Nation Under God"
 Here is my little Tiger Cub.....about to become a Wolf
 Daddy had to take off his Tiger neckerchief in order to put on the new one
 Here is mu sweet Nick crossing over the bridge into Wolf
It's official.....he crossed the bridge and received his new Cub Scout Wolf handbook
Here is his den leader, Mr. Scott putting on his new neckerchief
Is he not the cutest little thing?!?!?!
 As you can see the dimple is out and he is so smiley and happy!!
Did I mention how cute he is!!! I am just in love with my little Nick!
Thank you Jesus for little boys.....and little boy things that make them so happy!