Friday, June 22


What is more girly than getting all dressed up and going to the mall with my girls for some lunch and shopping!
Lori and I took our daughters shopping today at the Dallas Galleria Mall.....such a beautiful mall (daddy's were with the boys)!  All of the fancy stores and a La Madeleine for lunch!!!!  My favorite and so girly!
I used to go to the mall EVERY Saturday with my friends when I was Madison's age.  One mom would drive my friends and I to the mall in the morning and another mom would pick us all up at the end of the day.  We would stay there for hours!!  Then sometimes we would walk across the parking lot and catch a movie to finish up the day.  
Well, times are different now and I could not imagine dropping Madison who is 12 1/2 (the same age I was) off at the mall all day with other girls her age.  I would be a worried mess!! SO, instead, Lori and I took our girls to the mall.  We had a lot of fun! We realized by the end of it though, that we were too old to be at the mall ALL DAY!! We were SO TIRED!!  I shot a few pics of the girls that I wanted to post.....they are getting so big!
 Here is Savannah modeling in the H&M Department store window.  Look at her eyes....She was trying was trying to look off into the distance like a mannequin
 Here is Madison giving her artistic interpretation of a mannequin in that same window
(Savannah, Sophia, Madison, Isabella)
Here are all 4 girls wearing these glasses that had mustaches attached to them.......this mustache thing has REALLY taken off
The girls just giggled and had so much fun all day.  I cannot believe how old they are now