Friday, June 8


You always read a lot on my blog about Madison's Challenge Catholic Girls Club.  Well, when you are in 4th grade (Challenge starts in 5th grade) you get to join Pearls Club, which is Challenge club on a smaller scale.  Savannah will be in Pearls this coming year with ME as the team mom!! Yeah!  I finally get to lead something for Savannah!  
She had a Pearls Day camp this week. What a fun week filled with games, activities and of course, all with Christ at the center (they went to Mass every day!!)   Today they did a "Pure" (modesty) fashion show for the parents.  Savannah walked up on stage and dramatically threw her hat out to the audience.
She has such a great and unique style and such a joyful and funny personality!
I just love the happiness that she bring everyone she encounters!
You can barely hear the announcer telling about Savannah because everyone was yelling for her!