Tuesday, August 7


My friend Lori talked a bunch of us moms into purchasing Museum passes for the year!  Well, that was the easy part (officially bought ours online).....now we have to actually USE them!!  

Michele called this morning and invited me and the kids to go to the museum and a movie at the Omni-Max theatre with her and her kids.  What a great opportunity for us to use our passes and for me to feel like the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD for taking my kids to the museum.  It just sounds so enriching!!  We DO homeschool....you would think that I would be all over the museums!
 Madison hula-hooping at the "Motion Exhibit"  Doesn't the hula-hoop look weird in this pic?
 Here is Nicholas Hula-Hooping....You cannot even see the hula-hoop.  I promise that it is there!
 There is Savannah getting started hula-hooping.  The kids had a great time that day!  The Ft. Worth Children's Museum is great!  Everything can be touched and played with.  Science CAN be fun!!
 Here is Savannah and her sweet friend, Lauren sitting inside of a Dinosaur foot print....that is crazy amazing!!
 My little actress, Madison sitting in the print.  She is such a cutie!!
Nicholas looks so little in that huge foot print!  Can you believe that those huge mammals roamed our earth so long ago!
Here is little Luke Stopper.  He is Michele's youngest child and he is such a button!!  I just love him!!  He looks JUST like his daddy, Tim in a 3 foot body!!
Here is Nicholas and his friend Ryan inside of a play fire truck at the museum.  The kids had a great time!  They were running around and laughing!!
No, this is not the cutest little alien you have ever seen.....It's Nicholas in his 3D glasses at the Omni Max!  Doesn't he look so funny?!?!?  Look at those ducky lips!!  When he is sleeping, I come in to check on him and just kiss those little soft baby lips.....I don't ever want him to grow big!!

What a fun day at the museum!! Thank you for inviting us, Michele!