Saturday, August 18


(Look at my awesome new personalized license plate!!!! It's the new Texas "Christian" Plate)

My car actually started on fire this past weekend!!  We have been having issues with our air conditioning.  On super hot Texas summer days, it becomes overwhelmed and just shuts off!!  Well, I was just kind of "dealing with it" and waiting to take it in when my life slowed down a little.

This is where this story becomes interesting.....I dropped Savannah off at her friend's birthday party at the ice skating rink....what a fun afternoon she was going to have.  I took Nicholas and Madison out to lunch and to a Christian homeschooling store.  Then we would pick Savannah up after the party and head home.....daddy was out of town.

After lunch on the way to the homeschool store, we smelled a smoke smell at a stoplight.  Remembering from driver's Ed that it might be coming from another car, I pulled away seeing if the smell would dissipate.  Well, it got stronger....BAD SIGN!!  I pulled into the parking lot and looked for the closest spot to park in so that we could get out of the car.  Madison all of a sudden yelled out "There's smoke!!!"

There was smoke coming out of the air conditioning vents.  It smelled like an electrical fire!!  We stopped the car (now had pulled into a place) and jumped out.  We briskly walked away from the car and then regrouped!  It was scary.  I went inside the store and called my love, Jeremy!  He'll know what to do!!

He called the Ford Dealership and we had the car towed away.....that time between the call and the tow was about 2 hours.  

The people at the homeschool store were so nice to me.  They kept asking if I was okay.  Even the manager came out to see what he could do.
It is strange how our Lord works...I was just on my cell phone (standing in the foyer of the store...talking quietly).  I was not crying or acting upset.  Our Lord really gave me the grace to stay calm and not cry.  My mom said that my Guardian Angel sent these witnesses to let me know that He was watching over me during this scary situation!!  They were sent to comfort me and to remind me that He is always in control!!

Well, the tow truck could not fit me and the kids, so I called our GREAT friends, Lori and Felix.....knowing that they would help!!!  Felix dropped what he was doing and came to pick us up and take us to the dealership.  What a blessing they were to me!!  My friend Amy offered to pick up Savannah and keep her with her until I could come and get her.  What wonderful Christian friends I am blessed to be surrounded by!!!
Everything is okay now and the air conditioner is fixed!!
Here are the kids when Felix came to help us!!

When we were about to leave the store parking lot, I wanted to go inside and thank the manager and a sales lady for checking on me and for being so kind to me.  When I came in she was assisting some customers with the laminating machine.  Not wanting to bother her, I peeked my head around the corner and said "My friend is here to pick me up and I wanted to say thank you for your concern for me"  She stopped what she was doing and came over to pray with me.  She asked me my name and then held my head against hers and thanked God for me out loud in the store.  Then she prayed that my day would be better and THEN.....I cried....