Tuesday, August 28


We went on a fun couples trip for Jackson Hole Wyoming this past week.  Jeremy and his buddy Tim surprised me and my friend, Michele (Tim's wife) with a couples trip for Christmas last year.  We decided to schedule this cool mountain outing  during the month of August, when the weather in Texas was stifling!  The weather was great and the friends were fabulous!! We just laughed the entire time, while really getting to experience this beautiful part of God's country.
The scenery is unmatched!!
 Me and my Love, Jeremy
 Tim and Michele
 Me and Michele

We saw lots of wildlife.....Moose, Elk, Antelope, Buffalo, and some local birds.  They were right up close to us!  It was amazing!!  Unfortunately, we did not see any bears.

We went to Yellowstone to see the famous "Old Faithful" Geizar!  That was amazing!
Here we are in front of the sign.....after hours of driving....we finally made it!!
Jeremy just needed a moment to take it all in
 Here we are at "Old Faithful"  that day, it erupted every 90 minutes
 Old Faithful is starting up....
There she blows!!

We went white water rafting!!
We went hiking up on cliffs!!!
(pics to come...hopefully)

Inside Yellowstone, there was a small Catholic chapel on top of a mountain overlooking the river.  It was called "Chapel of the Sacred Heart"  Jeremy and I received the Sacrament of Confession, outside overlooking a beautiful river below with Father Florence, and then attended a very intimate Mass inside the little chapel with that same awesome priest!!
Mass and Confession were some of the best experiences on the trip!  They always are for us, though.....
 Inside the sweet little Chapel they had a huge image of our Lady of Guadelupe
This is the stained glass window behind the altar
 Here is Fr. Florence after Mass.  He had his picture taken with us (below) and asked if we would send him a copy (he is completely precious)
(this is actually a pic of Michele's pic...that is why there is a glossy reflection)

  What a beautiful calling Fr. "Flo" as he is referred to as, has answered for our Lord.  Our Holy priests are such a blessing to us.  They give us so many Graces straight from Christ, through their beautiful hands.......that NO ONE else can give!!  Gifts that Christ made possible ONLY by the most beautiful hands of our priests.
The backside of the sweet little chapel (that is that stained glass window from behind the altar

On the last day of our trip, Tim and Jeremy went fly fishing and us girls went out for coffee and followed that up with a hot stone massage....yes, it was a wonderful morning!!
Anyway, in a hurried up world, most of the time you receive your coffee in a "to go" type of cup, well, today we received our White Chocolate Mocha's in a REAL cup instead!! It was so great!!  It truly IS the little things that make a difference!!
Doesn't Michele look SO SUPER CUTE drinking her fancy coffee in that over-sized mug?!?!

We ate at the BEST restaurants each evening, went to the spa while the boys fly fished, played Spades every night, and just enjoyed our friends so much!

The basic theme for this trip was just LAUGHING so much!! My tummy hurt from laughing!  No matter where we were, we were cracking up!!  I still laugh thinking of some of the funny things that happened in Wyoming!!  We had such a great time.  Our friends are such a blessing to us!

A great experience becomes truly JOYFUL when shared with people you love!

Tim and Michele are such a great couple and we love hanging out with them!