Wednesday, October 31


The kids had a pretty great Halloween this year
(My three pumpkins with their carved Jack-o-Lanterns)

Madison and her sweet friend, Claire decided to match this year and they dressed as 50's car hop waitresses. They chewed lots of gum and talked in funny accents
 My Sweet Savannah and Little Nicholas were Ninjas...they had a blast pretending to be invisible protectors!

As in years past, we have hosted a huge Halloween party with our great friends!  All of the host mommies dress up a like and this year we took it old school and dressed as the "Pink Ladies" from the musical, Grease.  It was a lot of fun.  I just love my girlfriends!
(Me, Michele, LeAnn, Carey, and Lori)

 The kids are in charged of cleaning out their own pumpkins, but Daddy does most of the carving

We even toasted the pumpkin seeds this year.....I found a yummy recipe online for some spicy seeds, using Worcestershire sauce

 Here are the seeds toasting.  The house smelled so good.  It was a cool evening and just felt like fall.  I love nights like this

Here is our Daddy carving the pumpkin faces that the kids drew on their pumpkins
Grammy even stopped by to see our work
Madison carved most of her own pumpkin this year....she is such a big girl!!
Savannah thought it was so funny to trick us into thinking that she had a REAL pumpkin for a head
(Actually quite creepy)
Therefor, Nicholas thought that it would be really funny to trick us into thinking that HE had a REAL pumpkin for a head too

(Jeremy's scared Halloween look)

We don't do a lot of decorating for Halloween (so much of what Halloween has become disappoints me) but here are a few pics of our Fall/Halloween decor
 Spooky pumpkin eyes watch as you pass by the old creepy buffet
 A haunting pumpkin display on the rickety old kitchen table
 Our scary light-up houses by the old haunted stove
The kids begged for some special Halloween accents on their table in the kitchen as well

That is pretty much all that I can say about Halloween.  It is always such a child's delight and seeing my children so excited and happy blesses a mommy's heart!