Tuesday, November 20


Our long time friends, Tammy and Franco, were blessed with a beautiful baby girl this past week.  WE were blessed when they so graciously invited us up to the hospital and enjoy this precious gift with them.  I loved holding that sweet baby!  I was very careful not to get too close, as her immunity is so new, but I did smell her just a few times!  I wanted to sink my lips into her sweet and soft cheeks.....but I didn't.  What a gift children are to us.  I cannot believe that my youngest "baby" is 8 years old!!!  
I am kinda jealous....but in the most holy way possible  : )

I know that only 3 children was God's Will for our family, as we are, and always have been open to life at all times, so I need to embrace His Holy Will and focus on the mission that He has bestowed upon Jeremy and I with our 3 beautiful kids
(I just always figured that we would have a houseful of children!!)
Miss Brooklyn Elizabeth Deras
I always forget how little they actually are when they arrive!!!
How can anyone doubt God when they see such a powerful miracle as a newborn life!

Lord, Help me always to remember the important things and to always be thankful for the gifts that you have given me