Thursday, December 13


While my boys were hunting, us girls had a girl's night in

Both Madison and Savannah had a friend spend the night.  The girls had such a great time together  with their friends...making movies and riding scooters around the are some of the highlights
 Madison, Savannah, Kileigh, and Claire (making a Spy movie)
 The movie producers.....Claire and Madison

The girls NOT on spy character
 I ordered in Chinese and made a Chinese buffet on the kitchen was SO YUMMY
 Have you ever seen this shake and pour cupcake mix....I saw it at the market and thought that I would give it a try after dinner
Just add water and NO MESSY BOWLS or SPOONS....5 minute prep time
 12 minutes later....fresh cupcakes!  I used paper liners so the cupcake pan wasn't even messy
 Here is Savannah trying the cupcakes (thumbs up)
 Madison thought that they were really good too
 Kileigh loved them too
Claire approved.... and they were so easy too!!
The rest of the night was full on giggling and chatting...little girls are so much fun!