Tuesday, December 25


Here are some highlights from Advent and Christmas!  We feel extremely blessed this Christmas in more ways than we can even share.
(Madison, Savannah and Nicholas holding our Sweet Baby Jesus)

This is an "Elf on the Shelf".....I am not saying that we have one (because if you do have one, you are not supposed to tell anybody)
Anyway, if we were to have one....he would come at the beginning of Advent and stay with us through Christmas day.  He would watch us during the day and report back to the North Pole at night.  The kids would  just adore him (if we were to have one) and maybe even leave him sweet notes each morning.  Like this is one maybe written by Nicholas
Or maybe this one maybe written by Savannah (our elf might be named Willis....if we were to have one)
I love my sweet kids!

 I just love when our home is adorned with Christmas decor in celebration of our New Born King....it gives me so much joy inside
 Twas the night before Christmas....
 I got my favorite perfume from the kids!
 Aren't these snow hats precious....Max (our dog) surprised the kids with these for Christmas!  He is just so creative
 Nicholas was SO TOTALLY excited when he opened the gift from Grammy and Oompa...a REAL Rifle for hunting!!
 Leaving out a plate of treats for St. Nicholas as his reindeer
 Here is Madison on Christmas morning.  Yes, that is a head mixed in with the gifts.  The girls LOVE to do hair and experiment with hairstyles.  They each got a head (the ones that they use at Cosmetology school to practice) so that they could play beauty shop and try new hair ideas out on someone who would be willing to sit as long as it took : )
 Here is little Savannah on Christmas Morning
 Nicholas got a train set and did not stop playing with it for 3 days straight!!
 The kids really wanted bow and arrows to practice target shooting in our backyard
 Getting dressed up for Christmas lunch with Nana at the Conservatory (don't they look so pretty)
I just had to add this pic of their feet. Look at the shoes that Savannah picked to wear with her Christmas dress...she has GREAT style!!
 Christmas lunch with Nana...They had a beautiful Harpist playing during lunch
 And just because He is God and He is Lord of all and because He can do ALL THINGS and He controls all things.....He commanded the skies to snow...ON CHRISTMAS DAY.....Just because He can!

 (From our front window)
(looking out from our family room window out onto our back patio)
 Thank you, Jesus for this wonderful Christmas gift

 It snowed ALL DAY and it filled the yard with thick and beautiful Christmas snow and the kids LOVED running and playing in it!!  Here is Savannah just before she sledded down the hill in the backyard
Here is Nicholas AFTER sledding down the hill in the backyard
Madison stayed inside close to the fire......Me too!!


Thank You so much for coming to earth so small so that we could maybe begin to wrap our heads around Your greatness!!