Sunday, January 13


Our kids made cupcakes at their cousins' house this past weekend....Aunt Kiki is so much fun!!
Well, here are the finished decoration left to chance!!
They were made with so much love for sure!!  Savannah made the one on the far left with Daddy in mind.  He loves his food spicy so she filled it with red hots!  Nick's is on the far right...he took artistic liberties by using a candy heart to drive a hole through the center of his cupcake down to the paper.....very unexpected, I must say.  Wonderful creativity.  Madison used lots of candies on her and put a surprise filling of icing in the middle to tantalize even the most picky of eaters!!

Our kids are so great!! My love for them is so strong that I cry sometimes just thinking about them....isn't that awesome!!  I LOVE, LOVING SO MUCH!!  They truly give me a small sliver of an idea of how much my Heavenly Father loves me!!!  His love is Perfect as mine is so imperfect!  I cannot wrap my head around how much He loves all of His children.  Wow, we are so blessed to have the King of the Universe as our Father!!