Saturday, December 8


The girls got to perform with their CPAC (Christian Performing Arts Center) over Christmas at a couple of venues......6 Flags Over Texas was the first one
 There is Savannah in the center with the black shirt on.  She really shined up there for Christ!  
Singing and praising His Holy Name
 There she is doing one of her dance moves during the song "Joy To the World" 
 Now, Madison's is up in  front.....they rocked the stage.  There is Madison wearing a black and gray zebra striped shirt.  She just lit up the stage!
There is my Madison again!  All kinds of people were stopping to hear the joyful noise being raised for the Christ Child at Christmas.....that is what it is all about!!  Even Bugs Bunny was jamming out in front of the stage.  These kids got the crowd up and moving with their jazzy Christmas beats!  what a beautiful evangelization!
After the kids performed and changed their clothes (It was a hot day for December)
It was time for us to have a little fun at 6 Flags!
 Here is Savannah driving the "old fashion" cars ALL BY HERSELF.  She is a good driver too!
 Madison sitting back and refreshing herself with an Orange Soda, right before riding the Titan!! Yikes!! Hope that you don't lose that Orange Soda on the ride....I heard that people can get pretty sick sometimes!
Nicholas, Madison, and Daddy went on the BIG and SCARY rides.  Savannah and I got a slurpee and relaxed on the easy going rides.....just right for our speed.  We laughed and had a great time.....just us 2 girls!  Savannah is a great kid!  We always have fun!
 Look at what we found walking around the park to another ride.....A Nativity Scene!  This made us both smile!  We were so glad to see it there at 6 Flags
Happy Birthday Baby Jesus


Madison's group performed at the Mall with CPAC last weekend.  She did great!  Savannah was in charged of pics for this one.....Thank you Savannah for really capturing the moment
 There is Madison in front again singing and dancing her little heart out for Jesus' Birthday!
 The mall was PACKED with it being the weekend before Christmas and the kids being there singing about the true meaning of the holidays really changed the mood in the area.  Tears were shed and voices from the audience rang out in worship and singing!
 Shoppers slowed down, being drawn in by their Creator, to listen and reflect on what Christmas means
 This is Madison's great friend from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton singing a solo.  She is a really great singer
All of the kids had so much energy.  Jesus was surly delighted with His children that afternoon.  What an awesome group we get the privilege of being a part of....Brining Jesus to others though praise and worship

We truly love you Jesus with all of our minds, hearts, and strength!!