Sunday, March 10


I am totally a Daddy's girl!  Always have been.  We have a lot of the same traits.....we even look alike!!  Well, anyway, my daddy and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend together when my mom went out of town with her bridge group friends and Jeremy took our kids to the hunting lease.
Here are my Dad and Max.....Max just adores my dad.  All pets do...even pets that are known to be skittish  around people.  My dad is some what of a St. Francis of sorts!!

  I don't have many pics from the weekend, because most of it was spent just hanging out and talking.  How often do I get to just visit with my daddy without any interruptions....I cannot remember the last time.
I got to hear about our life growing up and all of the stories that I had well as laugh about some funny memories!  I got to ask him questions about when he was a little boy and how my grandparents met!!  It was such an amazing weekend!  Jesus was certainly blessing us, hour after hour......We decided to go see a movie, and how awesome it was to share in such a beautiful and God Centered movie as "Les Miserables" 
(my sister saw the movie before we did and she was SO RIGHT when she said that our dad is JUST like Jean kind, gentle, humble, honorable, and saintly in every way)

(my dad and I both LOVE butter popcorn....I think that I made myself a little sick by adding extra butter)

After the movie, we got to attend Mass together, which is always so awesome, and then head to "Joe's" for some hearty Italian food.  I had the meatball sub and my dad had the sausage pizza

The rain was threatening all day, but held out until we were just entering my neighborhood (Our Lord knows that I am a chicken when it comes to driving in the rain....He totally protected us from the rain falling until we were safely home)
We sat on the back patio and watched the lightening get closer and closer, while we visited more about life and just stuff (we laughed a lot)

Fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and chicken for dinner!  We have all of the same favorites!  Before we knew it, the weekend was over and it was time for him to go home.  

As we drove back to my parents house, we felt inspired to pray the Rosary together in the car as we meditated on the Life of our Lord, Jesus......a lot like we did when I was little. But this time I announced each mystery as we prayed....just as he had taught me so long ago.
How long has it been since I have said a Rosary with my long will it be before we get that opportunity again....
God was so present during that daddy/daughter weekend!  I am just so thankful that I was able to have such a gift.  As time goes on it makes sense that I am the mommy now......but this weekend, I got to be little Kerry Ann.....My daddy's daughter.

To a little girl, there is just nothing like her daddy......Someone to love, teach, protect, and guide her all throughout her life.  Her Daddy is the one sent by Jesus to bring Jesus to her!! I couldn't imagine my life without him.
My Daddy loves his Father in Heaven so much that he has committed his entire life, to continuously learning more and more about our Lord, Jesus, Christ and then taking His Holy Message to our faith-thirsty world....leading other souls to Jesus
(I love this really captures my dad's life.  He chose the vocation of marriage and children, but discerned heavily about being a priest)
Please, oh please my Sweet Lord, Jesus, Delight of my heart.....I ask You to keep my daddy safe in Your Holy care