Monday, April 15


(Here is a pic of my Jeremy....I had to crop out the dead coyote that is laying in front of him that he had just shot before this picture was taken)

I mention my sweet love, Jeremy quite often in my blogs, but I just had to talk about how great he is in his very own post

Jeremy is my most perfect soulmate! He was sent to me from our Lord and he just loves me so much 
(For that, I am so blessed)  

He is most importantly a devout Christian husband and father and he is leading us to Heaven 
He is super handsome and funny  
He is strong, understanding and genuine
He is giving, hardworking and motivated
He is really brilliant
He is adventurous, positive and daring
He is warm, trusting and trustworthy
He has always protected me and our little ones and I feel completely safe in his care
(I don't know what I would do without him)
He has done amazing things to show love for me and I know that he would never let me down
There is SO MUCH MORE than even all of this to say about Jeremy
I just love him and he is mine

Like our holy priest Fr. Alfonse said in a beautiful talk on marriage:
"Neither you nor your spouse are perfect, but you and your spouse are perfect for each other"

Marriage is a beautiful Sacrament and I am so thankful that I was called to this vocation