Saturday, April 6


Today I was talking to Nicholas while getting ready to go out for pancakes.  He was sitting on the side of my bathtub, all dressed up in his Cub Scout uniform for his den meeting this afternoon (he loves putting on his uniform....he loves being a Cub Scout)

Anyway, little Nicholas was worried about a conversation that he had had with Daddy moments earlier about what the boys were required to wear to their den meeting.

He was telling me how he chose his "Class A" uniform which consists of his official navy blue button down shirt, yellow "wolf" neck-kerchief, tan shorts, belt decorated with all the the loops he has earned, and Wolf hat.  He was trying to be brave as his eyes started to tear up.  He then abruptly explained why his eyes were tearing up.

"Mom, this is really frustrating!", he said.  "Now my eyes have tears in them, and it looks like I am crying, but I am not.....they are just cleaning right now"

"Oh Nick", I responded as I sat down next to him.  "It is okay if you need to cry, sweetie.....why are you so sad?"

The tears increased as he told me that he was afraid that Daddy might be frustrated with him for wearing this specific uniform.

"Of course, Daddy is not mad at you, Nick"......"Daddy loves you so much and I heard him say that you could wear either uniform to your meeting."

Not sure whether I convinced him of this, or not, but he is just always so worried about disappointing  us.  What a sweet little soul Nicholas has been blessed with.  How tender his precious heart can be......I just love him for trying to be so strong for me, while at the same time, being sensitive enough to worry that he had hurt someone's feelings.

I just didn't want to ever forget how Nick said that his eyes were just cleaning themselves......and when those tears fell onto his sweet little lap, it reminded me of how important my job as his mother is.

I pray, dear Heavenly Father, to guide me in forming this little one into the saintly Christian man that You have envisioned.